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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4891 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4891 Start

When the investigation turned into friendly overtures, Charlie smiled slightly,

And said lightly: “Not only do I know Georgina, but I also had a meal with her,”

“In Providence, she goes by the pseudonym Myren,”

“And there is another person named Kaiden Xu beside her, who acts as a couple with her, am I right?”

Hearing Charlie’s words, not only that Carson’s expression was horrified, but even Abren was dumbfounded.

He didn’t know who Georgina was, but he knew Myren!

It was Myren who told his mother that in Mexico a company was recruiting seamen, and the perks were very good.

His mother was very grateful to her for a time,

Thinking that her help saved the whole family.

But who would have thought that this woman would be so vicious and want to dig out his heart and sell it!

Thinking of this, he couldn’t help but ask Charlie:

“Brother…you…how did you know Myren?! Did you also get tricked by her?!”

Charlie smiled contemptuously and smiled and said lightly,

“Brother, with just the weight of Myren, it is impossible to deceive me.”

Seeing Charlie’s disdain, Carson suddenly felt a little more flustered.

He felt that since Charlie already knew Georgina’s true identity,

But still dared to enter the Tiger’s Den alone,

It was enough to see that this person must have had another move.

So he couldn’t help but ask: “Brother, I think you are very brave,”

“You are not an ordinary person, I think you don’t sell anything,”

“Just directly explain the way, if we are on the same road, I will never treat you badly!”

Charlie sneered and said, “It’s just your business, to be honest, I really despise it.”

“You try your best to deceive those people with financial difficulties, and then kill them to get their organs.”

“This kind of practice is much more disgusting than those beggar gangs who mutilate children.”

“To say things that are disrespectful is to be shameless.”

“I have been in the limelight for so many years, how can I be on the same path with you?”

Carson was even more flustered in his heart.

He found that after Charlie said Georgina’s name, there was no trace of fear from beginning to end,

And his eyes were full of ridicule and contempt.

If he did not have absolute strong confidence, it would be absolutely impossible to say that the feeling is so well-founded.

Thinking of this, Carson broke out in a cold sweat.

Originally, he was ruthless and wanted to pull the trigger,

And kill this man with one shot, but now he can’t pull the trigger no matter what.

He couldn’t hide his nervousness and asked Charlie:

“Brother, what are you going to do? Since you know what business we are doing,”

“You should know that we are a bunch of murderers who don’t blink while taking lives,”

“Even if you are really big, but on this one-third acre land in Mexico,

“I’m not necessarily afraid of you.”

Charlie smiled and said, “I think most of the people here are Mexicans,”

“And it would be difficult for you, a Chinese, to be the boss here. Is your boss not here?”

Carson nodded and said sternly: “Our boss has multiple lines of business,”

“This is just one of them, I’m not talented, I’m the person in charge of this line of business,”

“You have contacted Georgina who is one of my downlines in the U.S.,”

“I have several downlines in the U.S. and Canada, who specialize in delivering supplies for me.”

Charlie nodded slightly, and said, “I have some big business, I want to talk to your boss,”

“You can call him and let him come over, I’ll wait for him here.”