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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4889 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4889 Start

After speaking, he turned his face and said to Charlie,

“Hey, it’s also interesting, how do you say it?”

“Oh right, if there is a way to heaven, you don’t go, and there is no door to hell, you break in.”

“You say you are lucky, but there is really no one else! Hahahaha!”

Charlie was not afraid at all at this time.

He looked at Nathan and asked curiously, “What are you going to do with me?”

Nathan looked at Charlie disdainfully at this time, and said lightly,

“Don’t worry, I will ask someone to draw blood from you later,”

“And then take your blood type and other related information.”

“The information will be posted on the Internet, and once a patient matches you,”

“I will negotiate the price with the other party,”

“And after the negotiation, you can just wait for the operating table.”

Doctor Hardik on the side said quickly: “Damn, I almost forgot.”

“There are still two lying on the operating table.”

After speaking, he quickly stretched out his hand and pulled open the white curtain beside him,

And as expected by Charlie, it was a simple operating room with two operating tables.

On the two operating tables, there is a person lying on each side.

The doctor ran over to see the situation between the two, and said to Uncle Ma:

“Mr. Ma, the guest’s condition is almost stable, and can be sent to recuperate.”

“Okay.” Uncle Ma nodded and waved, Several men immediately stepped forward,

Moved the man to the mobile hospital bed, and carried him out.

Uncle Ma then looked at another unconscious man lying on the operating table,

And asked the doctor, “How is this guy?”

Hardik looked at him, shook his head, and said, “Not very good, too weak.”

“I guess he won’t live for a few days.”

After speaking, he asked Uncle Ma, “Have you found a buyer for the rest of the body?”

Uncle Ma shook his head and said, “I haven’t been able to match.”

After that, Uncle Ma said, “No need. Leave him alone, let him stay here,”

“And I will have someone pull him out and bury him in the middle of the night.”

Hardik said, “Then today’s work is over, and I will go to bed.”

Uncle Ma instructed: “Remember there are two surgeries tomorrow, don’t get up too late.”

Hardik nodded quickly, then yawned and left.

Nathan shouted from behind, “Hey, Hardik, we haven’t collected blood for this kid yet!”

Hardik turned around and said, “Let’s pick it up tomorrow morning.”

“After picking it, take it to Ensenada for testing. If we draw it now, it won’t be fresh for testing tomorrow.”

When Nathan heard this, he didn’t say much, but looked at Charlie and said playfully:

“Have a good rest tonight, there are two surgeries tomorrow, just to let you see the world.”

Charlie looked at him and asked, “You said just now that I can sell for a good price.”

“Then I want to know how much I can sell for?”

Nathan frowned and looked at him, and asked in surprise: “Boy, aren’t you afraid?”

Charlie smiled casually: “If I’m afraid is there a use for it?”

“If I say I’m afraid then you can let me go? If you can’t, then why should I be afraid?”

“Oh dmn…” Nathan couldn’t help looking up and down at Charlie,

Raised his eyebrows and said, “I don’t see that you’re pretty good. Bring the seeds.”

Charlie smiled lightly and said, “You haven’t told me yet, how much can I sell for?”

Before Nathan could speak, Uncle Ma stepped forward, frowned, and said,

“Boy, what the hell are you talking about? Who are you?”

Charlie smiled and said, “If I tell you now that I am someone you can’t afford to offend,”

“Wouldn’t you think I’m too pretentious?”

“Bull5hit…” Nathan was a little angry and blurted out scolding:

“You’re so fcuking fat! Believe it or not,”

“I’ll give it to you now, let’s see how fat you are?!”