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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4888 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4888 Start

Nathan smiled and said coldly, “I really want to cut one of your kidneys,”

“But so far I haven’t found a patient who can match yours successfully.”

“Otherwise, you can earn two, or even three times more money for one operation!”

When Abren heard this, he became even more nervous and quickly asked, “What are you doing?”

The doctor looked at Abren and said with a smile:

“For the sake of the operation the day after tomorrow, you should not know many things so early.”

Uncle Ma said to Nathan at this time: “Oh, by the way, there is something I haven’t had time to inform you about.”

“A Canadian uremia patient has been successfully matched with Mr. Lang.”

“The other party is willing to pay $200,000 for a kidney.”

“I offered him $600,000 for two kidneys. For a uremia patient,”

“The opportunity for a double kidney transplant is very rare.”

Nathan was overjoyed when he heard this, and blurted out, “Did he agree?”

“For sure, he will agree, and if he agrees, we will have the surgery together the day after tomorrow.”

Doctor Hardik blurted out: “Mr. Ma, I have three surgeries the day after tomorrow,”

“And I have to go back to the United States after the surgery,”

“If I add another one double kidney transplant,”

“It is estimated that it will be in the second half of the night…”

Uncle Ma said with a smile: “It’s all right, Dr. Hardik, you have to work hard,”

“Then I will add $5,000 to you for the operation and wait until the operation is over.”

“After that, let Nathan take you to the airport.”

Hearing this, Hardik rolled his round and even protruding eyes a few times,

Then shook his head and said, “Since Mr. Ma said so, then I’ll work harder to make it successful.”

Abren had already vaguely understood what the other party was doing at this time,

And he didn’t know what the other party wanted to take from him the day after tomorrow,

But now he even said that he would do a double kidney transplant for the matching type.

If he really cut off his two kidneys, wouldn’t he die?

Thinking of this, he said in fear,

“Aren’t you afraid of being arrested for doing such a depraved thing?!”

Nathan smiled and said, “Where the hell is your conscience, killing you is a conscience thing.”

“Do you know that when you die, you can save at least two people,”

“Maybe one more person can see again, people say that saving one life is better than building a seven-level pagoda,”

“We kill one, save two, two minus one equals one,”

“Does this mean that we saved a life in vain? The merit is immeasurable!”

Abren was trembling with fright, and blurted out: “What are you going to do to me?!”

Nathan looked at Uncle Ma who was beside him and asked,

“Uncle Ma, can you tell him about this?”

Uncle Ma looked at Abren and smiled cruelly: “To tell you the truth,”

“I have a heart attack patient, you have successfully matched with him.”

“He will come to Mexico for surgery the day after tomorrow and will have your heart replaced.”

“If the Canadian client agrees, he will also come and replace your two kidneys the day after tomorrow.”

“And because there is no need to match the type of cornea transplanted,”

“We may find another patient who needs corneal transplantation from tonight to tomorrow.”

Abren was frightened to the ground, and for a while, he felt like a thunderclap, and he didn’t know what to do.

At this moment, Nathan looked at him, raised his eyebrows cheerfully, and said,

“Brother, look what had said, you are very useful!”

Abren collapsed instantly, he knelt on the ground with a thud, crying and begging he said:

“I beg you to let me go. I have an old mother and young kids,”

“And my family is waiting for me to support them.”

“If you kill me, my mother, wife, and children will be all on the road…”

Nathan said with a smile, “I’ve worked so hard to deceive you here, how can I let you go?”