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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4886 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4886 Start

Seeing that bodyguard drove the car into the dilapidated fishing village,

Charlie pretended to be curious and asked the young man in the co-pilot:

“Hey buddy, aren’t we going to that Ensenada?”

“What are we doing in this dilapidated village?”

The young man said casually: “Our car is running out of gas,”

“There is smuggled oil in this fishing village, and the price is cheap,”

“Let’s fill up the gas here and continue on our way,”

“Now it’s not too far from Ensenada. It’s not a long way,”

“And it takes 20 minutes after refueling for a distance of more than ten kilometers.”

After he finished speaking, he stretched his waist and said casually:

“Oh, I played cards with a few people until it was past three o’clock at night,”

“Now I am fcking sleepy. After dropping you off I’ll be able to get some sleep!”

After saying that, the pickup truck drove into a small rural courtyard.

Charlie looked at Abren on the side, seeing that he was getting more and more flustered, he smiled and said,

“Brother, don’t be so nervous, it’s just to get the gas, it’s alright.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the pickup truck was in the yard,

As soon as it stopped, seven or eight burly men walked out of the brick houses around the yard.

Without exception, these people were all locals with similar totems tattooed on their bodies.

With the pointy-toed shoes and a key to hold a pistol in both hands.

Seeing these people rushing around, Abren asked nervously: “What are they going to do?!”

“What?” The young man in the passenger seat smiled and took out from under the seat a pistol,

Pointing the muzzle of the gun at Abren, then at Charlie, he said coldly,

“Fcukers get out of the car honestly. If you fcuking dare to run around, I will shoot you to death!”

Just finished speaking, The burly men outside reached out and opened the two rear doors.

Afterward, each of them pointed guns at Charlie and Abren in the car, shouting something in an angry tone.

It’s just that Charlie can’t understand Spanish,

And has absolutely no idea what they are babbling about.

He just thinks that these guys are so fcuking annoying.

He hurriedly put his head in his hands and shouted loudly,

“Speak up if you have something to say, don’t shoot, don’t shoot, don’t you just want money?”

“I have more than 1,000 dollars in my pocket, you can take it all!”

“If it still doesn’t work, then I’ll give you the suitcase too!”

The young man roared coldly,

“What are you talking about? Asking you to get off the car, you don’t understand?”

Charlie said hurriedly, “I hear you. I understand I understand.”

After speaking, he stepped out of the car.

As soon as he got out of the car, two burly men held him on the left and the right,

And then tied his wrists behind him with a nylon cable tie about one centimeter wide.

This kind of nylon cable tie is very strong.

Under normal circumstances, if a person’s hands and wrists are tied in this way,

Even if he breaks the cable tie into the flesh, until the bone is strangled, it is impossible to break it.

And the buckle of this kind of cable tie is one-way,

It will only get tighter and tighter, but there will never be any looseness,

So these criminal groups especially like to use this kind of thing to restrain the victim.

In their experience, no one has ever been able to break free from this type of tie.

After Charlie’s hands were tied, Abren was also dragged directly from the car by two big men.

Abren also tried to struggle,

But the other party directly pressed him to the ground and fastened his hands with cable ties.

Abren ate a mouthful of dirt, vomited several times in a row, and said hoarsely:

“Bah, bah, what are you doing?! You kidnapping a bankrupt poor ba5tard like me,”

“I am completely useless, there is no use at all of me other than wasting food!”

The young man stepped forward, squatted on the ground,

Patted Abren’s face with the barrel of his gun, and said with a smile,

“Brother, you may feel that you have no use. But for us, in fact, you are very useful!”