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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4885 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4885 Start

Then, Charlie made up again. One sentence: “Brother, if you come here, you will be at peace.”

“Fortunately, we can still be friends with each other.”

“It’s a blessing or a curse. We will know when we get there.”

Abren really did not expect that Charlie’s comparison as his brother,

Who is ten years younger, is so calm when he sees problems.

Under the influence of Charlie, Abren’s heart was not as nervous as before.

But he couldn’t be as open-minded as Charlie, so after deleting all the text,

He looked out the window alone, feeling guilty and flustered…

The pickup truck they embarked on, did not go to the port city called Ensenada as scheduled.

That place is just a guise for a fool.

In fact, they drove to the edge of a coastal fishing village northwest of Ensenada.

There are still more than ten or twenty kilometers away from Ensenada.

Before the pickup truck drove into the fishing village, the driver kept staring at the rearview mirror,

Looking left and right, for fear of being followed,

So he deliberately slowed down to see if the car behind him slowed down.

Soon, he found that as his speed slowed down, the cars behind him caught up one after another,

And none of them slowed down because of his own deceleration.

According to his superficial anti-tracking common sense,

He was basically sure that no one or a vehicle was following him.

Then he felt relieved and turned the car into the fishing village.

It’s just that he didn’t know that since they left the airport,

There were more than a dozen vehicles following one after another in the relay.

Taken turns, these dozen cars were all very cautious, and he didn’t see any clues.

While he was slowing down, the vehicle in charge of tracking this section of the distance passed him directly,

Without slowing down in order not to attract his attention.

And about a mile behind, which is about 1,600 meters,

There is actually a spare car that has been out of sight all the time,

Blindly following all the way through the radio command of the continuous relay vehicle in front.

Since the spare car was always out of sight of the other party,

There was no need to replace it frequently, so Joseph took this car as his command car.

After hearing that the vehicle slowed down, the car stopped directly behind a mile away,

And then the Cataclysmic Front soldiers in the vehicle immediately released a high-end aerial photography drone.

This kind of civilian aerial photography drone gave a big loss to the Cataclysmic Front in Syria.

Before that, they couldn’t believe that a drone costing no more than $1,000,

Could silently take aerial photos 500 meters above their heads, giving the user a panoramic view of all their movements.

Since Cataclysmic Front was brought under Charlie’s command, it has purchased at least 10,000 civilian aerial photography drones of different specifications,

Some of which can even be folded into pockets, and can take off within a minute if necessary.

At this time, they flew a cracked drone directly behind them.

This cracked quad-rotor drone can break the original factory’s 500-meter ascent limit,

And it can easily fly even if it is two or three kilometers.

Moreover, the enhanced battery can provide it with at least 50 minutes of flight endurance,

And more than an hour and a half of airborne capability,

And the speed of the drone can reach more than 60 kilometers per hour.

Therefore, after the drone took off, it took just over a minute to lock the pickup truck that Charlie was riding in on the screen.

Afterward, the soldier in charge of the aerial photography immediately reported to Joseph:

“Supreme Commander, the target position has been locked,”

“And they have entered the fishing village on the right side of the road ahead!”

Joseph nodded and said lightly: “It seems that their nest in this place, send out the coordinates,”

“Let everyone rush to the fishing village a mile away from the location to hide,”

“Secretly encircle the village, and prepare to give them an oriole to follow according to Mr. Wade’s plan!”

On the other side.