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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4883 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4883 Start

Charlie was surprised when he saw the text on Abren’s phone.

He did not expect Abren could see the problem so quickly.

So, he took the phone, typed on it quietly, and said with a smile,

“Oh, brother, your son doesn’t look like you at all, he’s much more handsome than you!”

He typed a line on it: “Brother, what’s the problem?”

Then he handed the phone back to Abren.

Abren took over the phone at this time and said with a smile:

“My son looks like his mother, I tell you, don’t look at me I am not very good-looking,”

“My wife is so beautiful, wait a minute, let me find you pictures of us when we were young!”

As he said, he typed on his mobile phone and muttered:

“Oh, there are too many pictures on my mobile phone,”

“20,000 to 30,000, and it’s really a little hard to find them.”

After a while, he handed the phone to Charlie and said,

“Here, look, this is the photo of us when we got married,”

“There was no concept of photoshop, no retouching of pictures,”

“Or any beauty cams at that time.”

Charlie took the phone and read a large paragraph written on it:

“Brother, the guy driving said that there is no mobile phone signal here,”

“But I just saw a pole in the wilderness about a kilometer or two away.”

“The signal tower, although it looks vague, but I am a communication engineer myself.”

“I can recognize the signal tower at a glance.”

“It stands to reason that even if the old base station equipment is only one or two kilometers away.”

“The signal is out, especially if there is no obstruction for dozens of kilometers here,”

“It is even more impossible for the signal to not cover this range, so I think this must be wrong!”

Charlie couldn’t help but admire Abren when he saw this,

But he didn’t want him to see it all and get nervous early,

So as not to startle the snake, so he said:

“You don’t need to say it, my sister-in-law was really beautiful when she was young!”

After saying that, he typed a line on his hand: “Will the signal tower be broken?”

“This kind of thing? It’s normal for the signal tower to fall into disrepair, right?”

Abren took over the phone, and while typing, he said,

“By the way, I have a young daughter who looks a lot like my wife.”

“I’ll show you a photo of her too.”

While speaking, he typed another line of words:

“I thought so at first, but I just checked the navigation software and found that the navigation software can’t even find satellite signals,”

“Which is even weirder! Even if the infrastructure is poor, even if the signal from that tower is indeed broken,”

“But the satellites in the sky are not broken. GPS has more than 24 satellites working on six orbital planes at the same time.”

“Even if Mexico is unmanned, it can still receive satellite signals,”

“But on my mobile phone, I have already searched. There is no satellite signal anymore,”

“Which proves that there must be some kind of shielding device on the car,”

“Which can shield the communication and the satellite signal at the same time!”

Charlie couldn’t help sighing when he saw this: “As expected, there is a specialization in the art industry,”

“The shield installed by the other party just touched the professional field of Abren,”

“A talent in the communication field, so he could feel something wrong all of a sudden,”

But he could also see that Abren is definitely a smart person.

Charlie was afraid that he would act rashly, then he replied on his mobile phone:

“Brother, don’t act rashly, let’s take a look.”