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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4881 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4881 Start

The other party smiled and said, “You’re stupid, don’t you look at his customs clearance record?”

“That fake passport can deceive us, but not the customs.”

“Look at the stamp on the entry record in Mexico above. Is it covered today?”

“Let’s see if his previous trip from China to the United States is the most recent.”

“If it is, it proves that he is definitely not a spy, then you can bring him over with confidence and boldness,”

“And I will arrange for someone to respond, as soon as people come,”

“Press and shut them down, isn’t this a big blessing sent to the door?”

“Huh!” The young man suddenly relaxed a lot, and said with a smile:

“Uncle Ma, let’s not say you are an old man, in every situation it has to be you!”

At this time, the young man finally breathed a sigh of relief.

After hanging up the phone happily, he turned around and walked toward Charlie and Abren.

The young man at this time didn’t know that the whole process of his phone call,

And report to the above was heard by Charlie clearly.

On the one hand, Charlie marveled at the vigilance of this organization,

But on the other hand, he couldn’t help sighing that in the face of absolute power,

Such careful planning and careful actions seemed meaningless.

They are so cautious, but from now on, no matter how smart and cautious they are,

They will not be able to escape the end of being destroyed by him.

The young man didn’t know the disaster was coming, he thought Abren was just a lucky buy one get one free package,

He smiled back to the two of them, and said to Charlie with a smile,

“Your luck is really good, we usually recruit people very through a strict process,”

“Not only do you have to submit documents in advance, but you also have to go through a strict medical examination to have the possibility of coming up.”

“However, this time our ship is going to sea soon, and there is just one manpower shortage.”

“If you are interested, you can come for an interview with me. There are no problems and you can go to work.”

Charlie pretended to be excited and asked, “Then how much is our seaman’s monthly salary?”

The young man smiled and said, “It’s five to six thousand dollars a month,”

“It depends on the details. Your performance and the efficiency of completing the mission at sea.”

“Okay.” Charlie nodded cheerfully and said, “It sounds good, let’s do it first!”

The young man nodded and said, “Let’s go quickly, from here to the port of Ensenada,”

“There are still about 100 kilometers to go.”

The two readily agreed, so they led the young man to the parking lot outside the airport.

The three of them came to a Chevrolet pickup. On the main driver, a Mexican man was already sitting.

The young man pulled away from the co-pilot, turned to Charlie and Abren, and said,

“This is our company’s car, and the driver is the bodyguard of our company’s general manager.”

“It is not very peaceful here, so we have to rely on the bodyguard.”

Don’t look at his face. He doesn’t look like a good person, but he’s actually a very enthusiastic old man.”

The Mexican man looked at the two with a smile on his face,

Then patted his bulging waist and said a word in Spanish with a smile.

The young man on the side translated: “He said you are welcome to Mexico,”

“And he has a Glock 17 in his pocket to keep us safe.”

Charlie smiled and nodded, and Abren on the side didn’t feel anything wrong.

Then quickly said: “Tell him it is his hard work.”

The young man smiled slightly, greeted each other in Spanish,

And said to the two, “You two sit in the back row.”

Charlie and Abren were one Left and right got in the car and sat in the back row,

And then the man drove out of the airport.

In the car, the young man turned his face to Charlie and Abren and said,

“You’d better call your home now or send a message to report safety,”

“Because the infrastructure on that side is not very good,”

“We will leave the city and go out in a while. On the way to Ensenada, there is basically no signal.”

Abren didn’t realize he was duped and quickly took out his mobile phone to call home to report safety.