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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4879 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4879 Start

Charlie, who decided to take Abren with him, immediately thought about the next rhetoric,

And two possible corresponding plans for himself.

He planned to ask him to join him as a seaman first.

If Abren did not agree, he would let the people from the Cataclysmic Front follow him,

All the way after he got off the plane to find the other party’s lair.

If Abren agrees, then he will see whether Geogrina’s contact person agrees.

If the contact person agrees, then he can follow Abren smoothly and enter the opponent’s zone.

But if the other party does not agree, then the first plan is used,

And Abren is used as bait and followed quietly.

So he pretended to be improvised and said to Abren: “Brother,”

“I have nothing to do here anyway, can you introduce me as well, and I can become a seaman with you.”

Abren also felt that this man had nothing to do. The young man was quite able to chat,

So he said cheerfully: “Okay, but what I said doesn’t count.”

“After I got off the plane and see the person who is there to pick me up,”

“I will ask if they are recruiting people. , if they are, you can come with you.”

“Okay.” Charlie smiled and said, “Thank you, brother.”

Abren waved his hand: “You’re welcome, by the way, Abren Lang.”

Soon, the plane landed smoothly. During the taxiing phase,

Charlie canceled the flight mode of the mobile phone and sent Joseph a message with only these words:

The plan has changed, I am going to play it by the ear.

Afterward, when the plane stopped, he and Abren got off with their luggage.

When lining up to go to the customs, Charlie asked Abren:

“Brother, will someone come to pick you up later, or do you have to go by yourself?”

“Someone will pick me up.” Abren said, “My mother’s friend told me before that,”

“This place is about 100 kilometers away from the port of Ensenada.

“I don’t know the place well, and I could have had a hard time,”

“So she asked the other side and the shipping company sent a car to pick me up from the airport.”

After speaking, Abren added: “After we meet him later,”

“I will ask him if they are still recruiting people.”

“If they do, we will join him together.”

“Okay.” Charlie said with a smile: “I’ll ask you to say more good things at that moment, brother.”

Abren hurriedly said, “You’re welcome, don’t be polite, but it’s just an effort,”

“And I myself I don’t have much ability,”

“It’s not up to me to decide whether it works or not, it depends on others.”

Afterward, the two went through customs with their respective passports.

Since neither of them had checked luggage,

They went straight to the airport exit as soon as they got out of customs.

At this time, many people at the exit of the airport picked up people coming out of the plane with name cards,

Most of them were written in English or Spanish, so Chinese name cards are very easy to find here.

Soon, Abren saw a young Chinese man holding a sign with his name on it,

So he quickly said to Charlie, “It’s there, let’s go!”

After speaking, the two trotted over.

When he came to the other party, Abren waved at the other party and smiled:

“Hello, I am Abren Lang!”

The young man saw Abren, cautiously took out his mobile phone from his pocket,

Opened a photo and checked it up and down. After confirming that it was Abren,

He realized that there was another young Chinese man beside him.

He pointed at Charlie and asked him cautiously, “Who is this person? Is he with you?”