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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4876 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4876 Start

“Really?” Abren was also obviously a little surprised.

He was a compatriot. When he was lining up to board the plane just now,

They were one after the other. He didn’t expect that after getting on the plane,

The seats of the two were actually next to each other as well.

That’s kind of a fate.

Therefore, Abren rarely showed a sincere smile, and said quickly:

“Oh, this is really fate! Come, come, sit down!”

Charlie nodded, and after putting the suitcase away, he sat next to Abren and said with a smile,

“It seems that some will be chatting on this trip.”

Abren also let go of his original defense against Charlie, and asked him curiously:

“By the way, brother, when you go to Mexico this time, do you have any acquaintances there?”

Charlie smiled casually: “There is no acquaintance, I just go around and see if there is anything suitable.”

“What can I do, if I get some work, I’ll do it, if don’t then will go back to China.”

Abren asked curiously, “Aren’t you afraid that the creditor will find you when you go back?”

Charlie waved his hand: “China has gone too far, where is the loess?”

“Find a new place to settle down first, maybe there is still a chance to make a comeback,”

“When the debt is repaid, maybe I can return home.”

After speaking, he looked at Abren and asked again: “Yes Brother,”

“What exactly are you doing in Mexico? Is there any way to introduce it to your brother?”

“Me?” Abren sighed and laughed at himself:

“How can I have anyway, as long as there was a way,”

“Bro, I won’t leave my wife and children and go to that ghost place in Mexico.”

After speaking, Abren lowered his voice and said to Charlie,

“I tell you what I mean, this place where I am going, It’s an extrajudicial place.”

“Why did the president spend so much money building a wall on the border before?”

“Didn’t he just want to control the illegal immigration and drug smuggling over there?”

‘Who with their sane minds will come here?”

Charlie nodded and asked curiously, “Brother, you have been talking about this for a long time,”

“And you have not said what you are going to do.”

Abren no longer covered it up, and said seriously,

“I really don’t. To tell the truth, brother, I am going to become a seafarer.”

“Seafarer?” Charlie asked curiously, “Are you sailing on a ship?”

“Yes.” Abren nodded and said, “It was a friend of my mother who introduced it to me,”

“It is said that the salary and treatment are quite good,”

“And you can get tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, but it is a little hard work.”

Charlie frowned slightly, wondering what was Georgina’s purpose behind using the guise of a sailor to deceive Abren was.

But at least one thing is certain, a ruthless person like Georgina can never just trick Abren into becoming a seaman.

Charlie kept his face and said, “Brother, you are a top student anyway.”

“Going to sea to be a crew member is a bit inferior. Instead, to be honest,”

“You might as well return to China to develop. The speed of domestic development is so fast,”

“You will definitely be able to find a good job there.”

Abren was startled, then sighed: “It’s not that I didn’t think about it,”

“But sometimes I can’t keep my face down. My relatives, friends, and former classmates,”

“All know that I immigrated to the United States early, and I also took my old mother.”

“People back home are not only envious but admired our growth here.”

“If I go back to China to develop at this time, then I don’t know what they will say behind my back…”

Charlie smiled slightly when he heard this, indifferently Said:

“Brother, don’t think that I’m younger than you, but it’s not a big deal,”

“I see it better than you, you should only care about the wife, children, and parents,”

“Make sure they have eaten and are clothed, now if you want to support your family,”

“Why should you care about these matters? Can you save your face by going to Mexico as a crew member?”