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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4873 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4873 Start

This night, Chloe can only go back and forth between the bathroom and every single bed.

According to Elaine’s order, she must do a foot massage for at least half an hour for every prisoner.

This means not just a sleepless night tonight, even if it’s daytime tomorrow,

It doesn’t seem like she will be able to relax for a moment.

As for her former minions, they were forced to toss and turn on the wet beds.

They didn’t dare to lie in one position for too long,

Because their bodies simply couldn’t be in contact with the wet bed for a long time,

Because after a while, the body in contact with the bed would become cold, biting, and painful.

Therefore, the only thing they can do is to keep rolling on the bed,

Like a sausage on a sausage rack, constantly rotating and baking.

Surprisingly, Elaine, who finally turned over to be the master, didn’t even fall asleep.

Early the next morning.

She, who had not slept all night, seemed more energetic than anyone in the cell.

When she got up from the bed, Chloe was still trying her best to massage the inmates’ feet.

At this time, she had already realized what Elaine felt,

When she was so tired that her arms were about to break.

And that night, she finally understood what it was like to be bullied and bullied wantonly.

This night, she was so tired that she was about to collapse countless times,

And subconsciously she had to stop the movements of her hands.

But when she thought that Elaine was a person who would retaliate,

And she could retaliate tenfold or a hundredfold,

She subconsciously didn’t dare to have any more lazy thoughts.

Elaine stretched and walked to Chloe’s side, staring at her for a while without saying a word.

Seeing Elaine approaching, Chloe was shocked and scared,

But after looking at her from the corner of her eye,

She hurriedly lowered her head and continued massaging the inmates’ feet with some unease.

It’s just that Chloe’s arms are really sore and swollen now,

And every time she exerts a force, the pain is piercing,

And the speed and strength are unconsciously much slower.

At this time, Elaine suddenly raised her foot and kicked her to the ground with one foot.

Then Chole heard the scolding in a cold voice: “Damn, move faster! What are you dawdling about here?”

Chloe cried and said: “My… my arms and hands really don’t have much strength…”

Elaine said contemptuously: “You deserve this! You forced your grandma to massage your feet.”

“What, why didn’t you think about your grandmother who is in her fifties,”

“Where did the strength in her arms and hands come from?”

After speaking, Elaine became angrier, pointed at her, and cursed:

“To a 5lut like you, I have to be worse and crueler than you b!tch,”

“Otherwise you won’t be able to learn well in your fcuking life!”

Chloe really regretted it, but it was too late now.

Throughout the day, she spent almost all of the rest of the time massaging the inmates’ feet,

Except to go out to eat and have fresh air.

On this day, Elaine lived a refreshing day.

Except for the three female warriors in Front, almost everyone else surrounded Elaine and continued to show their hospitality.

For the first time, Elaine had a good impression of the prison.

This condescending and respected feeling made her very satisfied in her heart.

So, all day, she didn’t even call her family.

Originally, she planned to make at least three calls a day to urge her son-in-law, to rescue her quickly.

But today, she felt that there was no need to go out too early.

It’s much more refreshing than going out to experience the feeling of being in a hurry.

The next morning.

Stella drove by himself and sent Charlie to New York Airport.

Knowing that he was going to Mexico, Stella was somewhat worried.

She originally wanted to go with him, but Charlie did not agree.

For him, it is much better to have no one around to help him.

In the case of someone helping, he has to take care of that other person himself,

Which is not better than being alone.

What’s more, when he goes to Mexico by himself this time,

He planned to go deep into the tiger’s den. By the way, he would pretend to be a pig to eat a tiger,

And taking Stella with him, he would definitely be not comfortable.

Stella didn’t know what Charlie was going to do when he goes to Mexico at first.

Hearing that Charlie was going to replace a potential victim in the other party’s death trap,

She knew that if she followed, in addition to dragging him, she will not have any positive effect.

So, she could only give up.