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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4871 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4871 Start

Joseph said subconsciously: “Mr. Wade if you want to find out,”

“Why don’t you ask your subordinates to go to Mexico on your behalf!”

Charlie said lightly: “No, You also have your mission.”

Joseph hurriedly said: “Please instruct Mr. Wade!”

Charlie said: “You immediately send a hundred elite soldiers from Cataclysmic Front to Mexico,”

“And be ready to respond at any time there, I think Georgina is inseparable from the criminal group there,”

“And she is likely to flee to Mexico, in this case, prepare in advance and take her and her backers away!”

Hearing Charlie’s order, Joseph said without hesitation:

“Mr. Wade, rest assured, your subordinates will immediately dispatch elite soldiers to Mexico,”

“And then as long as Mr. Wade gave an order we’ll be ready for action!”

“Okay!” Charlie said with full majesty, “Tell the soldiers below after this is done,”

“I will help them. Remember the first achievement! When the celebration banquet will be held in Mexico,”

“I will make all of them go a step further!”

Charlie had the intention to continue to improve the overall strength of the Cataclysmic Front,

And now he has raised a lot of funds, and the next thing to do is to improve the combat effectiveness of the Cataclysmic Front’s soldiers.

Right now, the best solution is to help them improve their cultivation.

For most soldiers, it is not necessary to use a whole Blood Rescue Pill,

Even a third or a quarter of the Pill can make their strength even further.

Or add some Cultivation Pill, the powerful spiritual energy will help them open up more meridians.

Therefore, he intends to use medicinal herbs to make some wines that can improve the cultivation of warriors,

After this operation. At that time, he can’t help celebrating their achievements and making them even stronger.

When Joseph heard this, he also guessed Charlie’s intentions.

He was very excited, and said repeatedly, “Don’t worry, Mr. Wade, your subordinates will do their best!”

Charlie hummed and asked again, “By the way, How is my mother-in-law in the prison?”

Joseph immediately said: “For your mother-in-law, we have already done what you ordered,”

“And with our female soldiers there, it is impossible for anyone to dare to offend her.”

Charlie sighed and said lightly: “Now I don’t worry about her being bullied by others,”

“I am worried about whether she will bully others recklessly,”

“If she bullies those who have provoked her It doesn’t matter,”

“I’m afraid that she will use the backing in there to be a bad blessing to others.”

With that said, he instructed: “You have someone to pay attention to her, don’t let her go too far.”

“Okay!” Joseph said respectfully: “Don’t worry, Mr. Wade, I will arrange everything in the prison.”

“That’s good.” Charlie smiled and said, “Then let’s meet in Mexico the day after tomorrow.”

Joseph said with some concern: “Mr. Wade, your subordinate is worried about something…”

Charlie said: “You say it.”

Joseph said respectfully: “Mr. Wade, this time you are planning to go to Mexico and pretend to be Abigail’s son,”

“But the subordinates think that this may not work, in case the contact person,”

“On the Mexican side has already obtained his information in advance,”

“I am afraid that they can see at a glance that your identity is fake,”

“In that case, the follow-up plan we will not be able to continue…”

Charlie smiled and said: “I can’t be sure about this right now, so let’s just take a bet.”

“You can bet that their matchmaker only knows Abigail’s son’s name and doesn’t know his appearance,”

“Or can bet that their matchmaker is more face-blind to Asians.”

“He can’t see any clues, let me get through…”

Having said that, Charlie put away his smile and said seriously:

“It doesn’t matter if they really see through me at a glance,”

“I have other ways to make sure the plan can be carried out smoothly.”

For Charlie, it was not the first time going deep behind enemy lines.

When he went to Hamid’s base in Syria alone, as an East Asian face,

Almost anyone who saw him in that place would be extremely alert.