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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4868 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4868 Start

Charlie said: “It is very simple to be sure, you can investigate this old lady’s flight records,”

“In the airline in recent years to see if she often returns to China,”

“Find out what was the most recent time of her travel to China?”

“Okay!” Joseph said immediately: “Wait a moment Mr. Wade,”

“I’ll let the hackers retrieve the information from the loopholes in the civil aviation system.”

With that, Joseph gave some instructions to the people around him.

In less than a minute, he said to Charlie: “Mr. Wade, I have already checked it here,”

“It’s a little strange, this old lady has not been back to China for at least 20 years,”

“And it has been 20 years that she has never been on a plane at all.”

“Strange…” Charlie frowned and said, “A person who has not been on a plane for 20 years,”

“And is still an old lady, what is her value to Georgina?”

“I too don’t know…” Joseph hurriedly said:

“I will send someone to approach this old lady immediately and investigate her situation carefully.”

Charlie said, “Don’t bother, you can help me look at this old lady’s condition, family composition.”

Joseph said: “Mr. Wade, I have information here, the old lady’s name is Abigail Zhou,

She is seventy-three years old, she has only one son,

He is forty this year, her son was a student in the early years,

And later she immigrated to the United States and brought him over from China 20 years ago,

But the old lady came by herself, and her husband should be gone.”

Charlie asked again, “Have you found the address of their home?”

“Look Find out what level of community their location is in Providence.”

Joseph replied later: “Mr. Wade, where the old lady lives,”

“In Providence is a relatively run-down community without considerable Chinese population.”

Charlie couldn’t help being a little surprised, thinking about it:

“This matter is a bit strange, it stands to reason that this old lady’s family conditions should be very ordinary,”

“And it is estimated that there are no immediate family members in the country,”

“And it is impossible to return to China, what is Georgina’s purpose in approaching her?”

I too don’t understand this…” Joseph said: “I also found the surveillance video of the old lady.”

“She is still working in a Chinese restaurant, at such an old age.”

“It should be very difficult for her family to be in this situation.”

Charlie frowned and continued to ask, “What about her son? Since her son was a student before,”

“He must have graduated from a famous university, so his income can’t be too low, right?”

Joseph explained: “Her son’s situation is rather miserable.”

“In the early years, he did have a good income. He worked as a technical director in a multinational company,”

“But since 35 years old, he was fired, and then looked for a job, and his income continued to decline.”

“He has been unemployed for more than a year now, and his family’s mortgage has been suspended for a few months.”

“Now the bank is about to repossess the house. He sold a commercial vehicle that has traveled 100,000 miles a few days ago.”

“Now it can be said that he is useless, and can’t figure out why the top students who graduated from famous universities can get along so badly.”

Charlie said lightly: “This kind of situation is still very common in big companies.”

“For some big companies, because the employees have been working for too long and their qualifications are too old,”

“Their salary is surprisingly high, and because they are old, their body is overdrawn,”

“And they have a family to worry about, they can’t work hard, and their learning ability is not comparable.”

“For these big companies, if they replace these middle-aged people with young people,”

“Not only can the cost be greatly reduced, but the new young people,”

“Are also full of energy and can be squeezed desperately for more than ten years.”

Saying that he added: “Once such middle-aged people are fired, the salary level will avalanche when they are re-employed.”

“Young people will get higher salary the more they change jobs,”

“While most middle-aged people will get lower salary as they change jobs.”

Joseph agreed and sighed: “Indeed the system is too cruel.”

With that said, Joseph remembered something and said quickly:

“Oh, by the way, I checked the civil aviation system just now,”

“This Abigail’s son has booked a ticket to Mexico the day after tomorrow, maybe he is going to work in Mexico. …”

Charlie was even more surprised: “Going to work in Mexico?”

“That place is not as good as the United States, why would he go to work there?”

“This is not clear. …” Joseph said: “I also found his medical examination record from last week.”

“It was done in the hospital in Providence.”

“The registration of the medical examination project is the entry medical examination, which should be done to find a job.”

Charlie hummed and didn’t think much about it at first.

However, he suddenly remembered something and said,

“Joseph, the information you gave me just now shows that many of the people,”

“Who have been in contact with Georgina have disappeared and their whereabouts are unknown, right?”

“Yes.” Joseph said: “These people are registered as missing in the police system, and none of them have been found.”

Charlie frowned and suddenly said, “Check these missing people and look at their files.”

“Does it show where they disappeared, and it is important to check whether they have been to Mexico before they disappeared!”