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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4867 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4867 Start

Elaine opened her eyelids and slanted. She glanced at her and said coldly,

“You fcuking kneel and massage your mother!”

As Elaine turned over completely at the prison Institute and began to enjoy preferential treatment.

Charlie, who was in the Fei family, received a document from Joseph.

Thanks to the powerful intelligence channels of the Cataclysmic Front,

This document contains almost all the crimes that Georgina has committed in the United States for so many years.

There are more than 30 pages of information printed out,

And it took Charlie more than an hour to read it all.

And when he read these materials, he got very angry!

He did not expect that this woman was in the United States and committed countless crimes against so many people.

Over the years, there have been at least thirty people who died directly or indirectly in her hands,

Which can be traced back to their actual identities.

There are many people who are completely missing after coming into contact with her.

And like Elaine, there are countless people who have been thrown into prison by her.

However, Cataclysmic Front has not yet grasped the trace of her.

Because this woman has not appeared in any public places since she left Providence,

And it appears that as if she has evaporated.

Charlie speculated that although Georgina was on the run, she would definitely not just wash her hands.

Because her family has now been arrested and all assets have been seized, she must be unwilling to give up in this situation.

Therefore, even if she is currently on the run,

This vicious woman will definitely find a way to continue doing bad things and earn illegal benefits.

So, Charlie called Joseph.

As soon as the call was made, he said, “Joseph, I have read all the information you sent.”

Joseph said very embarrassedly: “Sorry, Mr. Wade, we don’t have any clues about Georgina’s whereabouts yet,”

“But don’t worry, I have notified all the informants in Cataclysmic Front in the United States,”

“As long as we find her whereabouts. The trail will definitely grasp the trend immediately.”

Charlie said, “I suspect that this woman will commit crimes again soon,”

“And now I should find a way to follow the clues.”

Joseph said helplessly: “The vast majority of cities here in the US have not achieved 100% monitoring coverage,”

“Not to mention the urban-rural fringes and the transportation network extending in all directions,”

“And the most terrible thing is that more than 90% of their expressways are free,”

“No toll booth also means that there is no system to record and count the vehicles driving on the highway,”

“So it is difficult for us to capture their movements after they left Providence.”

Charlie thought for a while and said: ” Although Georgina and the others have evaporated,”

“Their goals are still there! As long as they don’t stop completely, we can find clues!”

After speaking, Charlie said again: “Joseph, immediately send people from Providence.”

“Investigate all the social records of this woman during her time of using the pseudonym Myren Chen.”

“I want to know which Chinese and ethnic Chinese she has had in-depth contact with.”

“As long as she has in-depth contact with people,”

“They are likely to be her goals. We can learn from her.”

“If you start with the target, maybe you can find her whereabouts.”

Joseph hurriedly said: “Okay, Mr. Wade, your subordinate will do it now!”

An hour later.

Charlie received a call from Joseph.

On the phone, Joseph said to Charlie: “Mr. Wade, our people have investigated in Providence,”

“And found that she has maintained close contact with at least six local Chinese people,”

“But since your mother-in-law had an accident, after that, her contact with these people was cut off.”

Charlie asked, “What are the identities of these six people? What background?”

Joseph said: “Basically, they are similar to your mother-in-law.”

“They all came to the United States to visit relatives.”

“Four of them have already booked their flight tickets to return to China and will return in the next few months.”

“However, there is an old lady who immigrated earlier,”

“And Georgina has the most call records with her among these 6 people.”

“An old lady?” Charlie asked curiously,

“Is the old lady also the target of their shipment of contraband?”

Joseph said: “This is not certain.”