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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4866 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4866 Start

Chloe didn’t dare to delay, insisted on getting up, and stumbled to the bathroom.

At this time, Elaine sat on the bed opposite her, pointed at the prisoners who she had washed feet of, and said coldly,

“You guys, don’t think that there is nothing to do with you here.”

“Your grandmother Elaine has never washed anyone’s feet in her life, do you think you can enjoy it here?”

Several people were trembling with fright, and one of the Mexican prisoners knelt on the ground with a thud,”

“Pleading with sincerity: ” I’m sorry Ms. Ma…I…I was bewitched by Chloe before…”

“As long as I am here I will obey Ms. Ma for all orders, please forgive me for what I did before…”

Seeing her kneeling down, the others were afraid of falling behind, so they all brushed together. Kneel down.

The gap between the two single beds was not large,

So these people kneeled side by side in two rows, and they were barely kneeling.

Sitting on the single bed, Elaine suddenly felt like she was sitting on Wu Zetian’s dragon chair.

Looking around, all his civil and military officials kneeling.

The strong sense of satisfaction made her excited,

And she suddenly understood why these people in the prison liked to be the boss.

It turns out that being the boss is really cool!

This kind of pleasure in making others surrender to you and,

It can make you more than one class higher than others in personality.

This is not something you can experience with money.

At this moment, Elaine’s vanity was greatly satisfied.

She suddenly wanted to test the loyalty of this group of people,

So she stretched and said, “I feel uncomfortable since I came here, if only I could get a full body massage!”

As soon as she finished speaking, the Mexican girl quickly stood up,

Walked up to her diligently, and said flatteringly,

“Ms. Ma, I have learned Japanese Masaki before, if you don’t dislike it,”

“Let me give you a massage. Elaine raised her eyebrows and said with a smile,”

Then let you try it.”

The girl hurriedly went around to another compartment, climbed onto the bed that was back to back with Elaine in the other compartment,

And then reached out her hand to massage Elaine’s neck,

Elaine didn’t expect that this woman really with two strokes,

And the place where she presses it is very comfortable, so she smiled and said:

“It’s not bad, it seems that you really learned a few tricks.”

The girl quickly said: “Actually, my major is to do spas.”

“Before I came in, I always did spas for guests in five-star hotels.”

Elaine asked curiously: “Since you were in a five-star hotel,”

“Why did you come here after work? What happened?”

The woman sighed and explained, “I stole a watch from the guest,”

“But I didn’t expect that watch to be worth half a million dollars… …”

“The worst thing is that I didn’t have time to sell my watch,”

“And I was caught by the police before I got off work…”

Elaine smiled and subconsciously said in a high-spirited, educational tone:

“You can’t be greedy, what should be yours is yours,”

“Don’t stretch out your hand if it’s not yours.”

“As the saying goes, don’t stretch out your hand, you will be caught if you stretch out too far.”

After speaking, Elaine recalled her time when she stole Charlie’s bank card,

She couldn’t help shivering, and said uncomfortably,

“Oh, not only is my neck uncomfortable, but my whole body is uncomfortable…”

Several people kneeling in front of her Hearing this, one by one hurried up without thinking.

Soon, Elaine’s two arms and two legs were contracted by a prisoner respectively.

The other two could not be divided, so one massaged Elaine’s scalp,

And the other helped her rub her temples on both sides.

The seven people massaged her at the same time,

And Elaine felt so comfortable that the pores all over her body were opened,

And she couldn’t help humming the tune of the serf who turned over.

At this time, Chloe came over with a pot and said respectfully,

“Ms. Ma, I’ll soak your feet first, and massage while soaking…”