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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4865 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4865 Start

Chloe didn’t even have a chance to beg Elaine for mercy,

And more than 30 people slapped her in the face one after another.

In the late stage, Chloe’s whole body was already spinning.

She didn’t know how many times she fell into a coma and was woken up by a loud slap.

And Elaine stood aside, like supervising workers, supervising every prisoner who beat Chloe.

Whenever anyone slaps lightly, Elaine gives a kick.

In her words: “You ba5tards, you were bullied so badly by her at ordinary times,”

“And now you finally have a chance to turn around, why are you still soft-hearted?”

“This one just now doesn’t count, show me a better slap!”

But in Elaine’s view, this kind of stroke is absolutely not allowed.

As a result, these females, on the one hand, out of revenge on Chloe,

On the other hand, did not dare to offend Elaine, so they became more and more ruthless.

So many people lined up, and Chloe even showed signs of a concussion.

But Elaine still didn’t reduce the hatred.

Don’t look at her, it’s only just one day, but on this day,

She has already felt the huge malice and cruelty of Chloe.

Therefore, Elaine secretly decided in his heart that she must not be half-hearted and soft-hearted towards this devil.

As long as she is in prison, she must let herself live rather than die.

So, after everyone slapped Chloe on the face, Elaine walked up to her,

Who had changed beyond recognition, and scolded coldly,

“Chloe, you have been here for so long, you didn’t expect today’s treatment?”

With that said, Elaine sneered and continued:

“As they say: don’t look at yourself having a lot of fun today,”

“Be careful to pull the list in the future, it’s only a matter of time before the people liquidate a ruffian like you!”

Elaine saw Chloe’s sluggish expression, and immediately pointed at the Chinese girl,

Who was standing on the wall, and said coldly: “Why are you still standing there, translate for her!”

The girl was also confused and asked quickly: “Auntie… What are you saying? Pull the paper list?”

Elaine scolded: “Pull the list! The crime settlement list!”

“Do you fcuking think you’re going to the toilet?”

“Haven’t seen “Little Soldiers” “Zhang Ga”, you don’t even know such a classic line, are you still from China?!”

The girl said submissively: “I…I am Chinese…”

“But I was born and raised in the United States. …..I am an American citizen…”

Elaine said angrily: “How did your parents act, don’t they give you a cultural education?!”

The girl shook her head and said softly: “They are busy making money every day, and don’t care about me…”

Elaine snorted coldly: “I tell you, no matter where you go, you should know your culture,”

The girl nodded hurriedly and said, “Auntie, you are right in your criticism…”

“I will keep this in mind in the future and learn more about Chinese culture…”

Elaine glanced at her, she didn’t say anything more.

She pointed at Chloe and urged, “Hurry up, translate and tell her!”

The girl didn’t dare to delay and quickly translated Elaine’s words.

Chloe’s tears had dried up, and she slumped on the ground, shaking and crumbling like a tumbler.

But she heard that Elaine was going to liquidate her,

For fear that Elaine would not be satisfied by now, so she cried vaguely and said,

“Please forgive me this time… The mistakes I made in the past,”

“Now I’ve paid it back ten times and a hundred times… I really don’t dare in the future…”

Elaine sneered: “Now you know how to beg for mercy? It’s no use I’ll tell you!”

“Come on, get up quickly, take the basin to the toilet to fetch water for me to wash my feet,”

“Starting today, till I am going out of prison,”

“You have to wash and massage everyone’s feet every day!”