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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4864 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4864 Start

Chloe’s entire face was beaten into a pig’s head, so painful it was,

But in the face of her pleading, not only did Elaine not soften at all,

Even the others cellmates, and even Chloe’s former confidants all secretly applauded.

In fact, they have suffered from Chloe for a long time.

Most of the inmates are extremely dissatisfied with Chloe’s wanton oppression of others on weekdays,

And most of them have also been scolded and beaten by her.

The leader fell into the pitiful appearance in front of them,

And they finally felt the thrill of getting great revenge!

At this time, Elaine was also tired.

Her two arms were already very sore.

Beating Chloe for so long was already considered a serious overdraft.

At this time, she felt that her arms were almost no longer her own.

It was really unbearable, but whether there was any relief in her heart,

Elaine gritted her teeth and said to the group of inmates:

“You all line up for me, just like the prison guards do their rounds!”

Everyone knew that Elaine was talking here.

The people involved did not dare to disobey each and every one of them,

And hurriedly stood in order according to the queue of the prison guards during the rounds.

The female prisoners who were taught by the fighters of the Cataclysmic Front also supported each other and lined up hard.

They all wanted to draw a clear line with Chloe at this moment, so as not to be implicated by her in the future.

At this time, Jessica, the prison guard who had just been arrested, was a little uneasy.

Although she didn’t know the previous situation, she could clearly see the current situation.

Even a fool can see that Chloe has lost control of this place, and is replaced by Elaine who was extorted by Chloe.

And she also recognized Chloe’s confidants.

Seeing that they were all injured to varying degrees at the moment,

She guessed that the three newcomers must have subverted Chloe’s rule here.

In addition to being nervous, she also quickly stood in the queue, daring not to say any nonsense.

Seeing that everyone had lined up, Elaine rushed to the front of this group of people.

She first kicked Chloe’s previous subordinates one by one with her feet,

Kicking them again and again, and scolded:

“You ba5tards, one by one, all helped that Chloe to bully me,”

“Do you think that I don’t hold grudges?!”

Everyone was kicked by Elaine in turn, and none of them dared to speak, so they could only resist.

Elaine kicked all the way over, and when she stood in front of Jessica,

She scolded with incomparable resentment: “You don’t fcuking act as a prison guard,”

“You have to mess with the prisoners inside! You really wanted to rob me of my money, do you think I am that playable?”

After that, she kicked Jessica hard, kicking her back several steps.

But Jessica also dared not speak out, so she could only say respectfully:

“Ma’am… These are all Chloe’s ideas… If you want revenge, you have to seek revenge from her!”

Elaine said coldly: “Do you think I’ll let her go?”

As she spoke, she looked at the other inmates and said sharply,

“Listen to me, everyone will give me a hundred slaps on Chloe,”

“If one doesn’t, I’ll let others beat her to death!”

When everyone heard this, no one dared to refute Elaine even a word.

Besides, most people are dissatisfied with Chloe, but they can only succumb to her lewd power all the time.

But it’s different now, Chloe has completely lost power, and it’s a good time to have revenge!

So, several women took the lead and rushed toward Chloe.

When these people arrived in front of Chloe, regardless of her pleading eyes and unstoppable crying,

They stretched their arms and twitched hard.

Chloe had completely collapsed, and she burst into tears:

“Forgive my life… Please forgive me… I really can’t take it anymore, please let me go…”

Elaine looked at Chloe’s mouth full of blood. With a tragic appearance,

She curled her lips in disdain:

“Let me go? Where did you drink fake wine, why are you talking nonsense?”

“There’s still more! Don’t think about going to bed tonight,”

“These thirty or so people are waiting for you to massage your feet!”

“I’m going to let you massage feet until tomorrow!”