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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4862 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4862 Start

So Elaine held the pile of hair that she had pulled down directly into her hands,

Formed a ball, stuffed it all into Chloe’s mouth, and then gritted her teeth and said:

“You m0therfcuker, forced me to eat toothpaste, right?”

“Then I will force you to eat your hair!”

“This is your own hair, so hurry up and swallow it for me!”

After speaking, she thought of something and said again:

“Dmn, just letting you eat your hair is too cheap for you!”

“I also have to let you taste the toothpaste!”

Just after speaking, the Chinese inmate who was in charge of the translation,

Hurriedly went to the bathroom to get two tubes of toothpaste and came back,

Attentively she handed it to Elaine and said,

“Auntie, this is for you! If it’s not enough, I’ll go get another one for you!”

Elaine got angry when she saw the girl’s attentive look, took the toothpaste first,

And then slapped her on the face and scolded:

“When Chloe bullied me, why didn’t I see you being so diligent?!”

“It’s such a m0therfcuker, I am annoyed by the people like you the most, leave me and go!”

The girl was slapped in the face, but at this time she dared not speak.

After all, the three newcomers have already said that in the future,

Elaine will have the final say on the people and affairs here.

Therefore, she is now equivalent to replacing Chloe’s position, so how can she provoke her?

Moreover, behind Elaine, there are three of them who are strong in force as backers,

And they are in an absolute strong position, so they can’t be provoked even more.

Seeing that Elaine was crazy and wanted to take revenge on her,

Chole knowing that eating toothpaste might not be able to satisfy this crazy woman,

So she said sharply: “Don’t forget that this is a prison!”

“Torturing me like this today, the prison guards will come to the room tomorrow.”

“When the time comes, I will give the prison a word!”

“The prison guard has a deep friendship with me, and you know it well!”

“I will definitely put you all in the confinement room one by one!”

“And I can ask the prison guard to help increase your sentence! And let you cry without tears!”

After she finished speaking, she turned to look at the girl who helped Elaine with toothpaste, and said coldly:

“And you! Don’t think that they have the final say now,”

“And you want to curry favor with them, have you ever thought that if they are taken away tomorrow morning,”

“And you are still here, I will see what you will do then!”

The girl cried out in fright, and said quickly, “Chloe, I…I didn’t mean to, I…”

Elaine was also a little nervous all of a sudden,

She looked at the Cataclysmic Front soldier and said tremblingly:

“Girl, this Chloe has a good relationship with the prison guard.”

“If the prison guard comes to check the room tomorrow, it will be troublesome then… What should I do… “…”

The soldier of the front, who was leading the others sneered:

“What’s the use of having a good relationship with the prison guard?”

“The prison guard is not the warden, maybe the guards who cooperated with her will also be arrested!”

Just finished speaking, The cell door suddenly opened.

A prison guard walked to the door with a woman in a prison uniform.

The prison guard was uncharacteristic this time.

Instead of letting the prisoners in the cell line up,

She pushed the woman in the prison uniform directly, and then closed the door to leave.

Chloe didn’t care to see who was coming, so she hurriedly cried for help:

“Help! Help! They’re going to kill me, help me!”

The prison guard turned a deaf ear to her cry and pushed the woman in prison uniform in after they came,

They turned and disappeared.