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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4861 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4861 Start

Elaine has never been a good person.

And she’s not a good person for sure.

Just now, she subconsciously reminded this Chinese girl not to offend Chloe.

If her humanity is a light bulb, the flash just now may be the only time this light bulb has been lit in decades.

But it was a coincidence that the three fighters in Cataclysmic Front had been thinking about,

What method to use, quietly, naturally to help Elaine to support and vent their anger?

Unexpectedly, this flash full of human brilliance gave them a good opportunity to use the topic to play.

And after that flash, Elaine’s heart was completely shrouded in hatred.

The only thing she wants to do now is to beat Chloe hard and beat her to death, to beat the sh!t out of her.

So, after she roared, she quickly rushed to Chloe,

The more she looked at Chloe’s swollen face like a pig’s head, the angrier she became.

So she raised her foot without thinking, kicked hard, and kicked Chloe’s face hard.

This time, a large footprint was directly printed on Chloe’s face,

And at the same time, the bridge of Chloe’s nose was also broken,

And the two nostrils suddenly started to bleed.

And Elaine didn’t feel the resentment at all, she rode on Chloe’s face,

Just like when she rode on Cynthia’s body in the beauty salon, gnashing her teeth and scolding:

“Dare to bully me, beat and scold me, and force me to do this to you.”

“So many people massaging feet, I will beat you to death, you ba5tard!”

After speaking, she was like crazy, her arms were rounded and she bowed left and right.

For a while, the entire cell was filled with echoes of Elaine slapping Chloe.

Because the slaps were too dense, the echoes generated by the walls of the room didn’t even have time to respond,

And finally, countless echoes were superimposed together,

Creating a sense of sight as if setting off firecrackers in the cell.

Chloe has long since lost the arrogance of the former devil.

She was beaten and screamed, crying and saying:

“I was wrong, I was wrong, please stop beating and spare me.”

Forgive you?” Elaine punched her in the face angrily and scolded her:

“Was I kidding with you when I talked of my mother?”

“I tell you, this is just an appetizer! Today I will let you go!”

After she finished speaking, she pulled Chloe’s hair down and scolded in her mouth,

“You red-haired devil, I have long seen that your red hair is not pleasing to the eye,”

“You see I will give you a bald one!”

Chloe only felt a burst of pain in the scalp,

And then watched Elaine continue to stretch out her hands to both sides roughly pulling her red hair.

She was so frightened that she cried and said

“Don’t pull my hair, please don’t pull my hair…”

Elaine had already moved her hand, the place turned into a bald spot like a ghost shaving her head,

And scolded her while gnashing her teeth: “You are afraid now?”

“Why didn’t I see that you were so cowardly when you bullied me?”

“Dmn, today I will kill you? With peach blossoms all over your face, you don’t know why the flowers are so red!”

When Chloe was knocked to the ground by the fighters of the Cataclysmic Front,

She was not as helpless and fearful as she is now.

At this time, Elaine has completely become a crazy killing machine.

Chloe only felt that if Elaine was allowed to fight like this,

Her life would be lost in her hands, so she cried out loudly:

“Please Please let me go…I really know I’m wrong…I really won’t bully anyone anymore…”

Elaine only felt that her screaming was so annoying,