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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4860 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4860 Start

When the girl saw that the other party was talking so hard,

She was like a deflated ball, and she honestly lowered her head and didn’t dare to speak.

Elaine was also a little disappointed at this time.

She wanted to find a chance to get close to the other party,

But she didn’t expect the other party to ignore everyone so much.

But she can also understand that, after all, people are so powerful,

It is easier to teach someone a lesson than to teach a dog.

If she has this kind of strength, she will not take other people in the eyes.

But what Elaine didn’t expect was that the Asian girl looked at her at this time,

Smiled very kindly, and immediately said seriously:

“Auntie, among so many people just now, we can see that you must be a good person,”

“And we are compatriots since you respect us one foot,”

“Then we will naturally respect you ten feet!”

After saying that, she looked around for a while, pointed to the people in the cell, and said to Elaine:

“In the future, all this garbage will be handed over to you to manage,”

“You can directly order them if you have any requirements,”

“If they have any disobedience, I will definitely give them a good life lesson!”

Elaine was stunned, she for the first time heard others say that she is a good person,

But what really surprised her was not this, but the fact that the other party asked her to manage all!

She suppressed the excitement deep in her heart and asked in a trembling voice:

“Girl… What did you just say? You said that these people are all handed over to me to manage?!”

“Yes.” The girl smiled lightly and said:

“In the future, you will treat them as your dogs.”

“If the dog is disobedient or dares to grin at you,”

“You can tell me that I will break all her teeth off.”

“If it doesn’t work, I’ll interrupt her hands and feet!”

After Elaine heard this, her whole body was already shaking with excitement.

She pointed to Chloe, who was kneeling on the ground, and asked tentatively,

“Girl…if I want to hit this red-haired devil…”

“You…you won’t stop me. Are you following me?”

“Stopping you?” The girl smiled slightly, raised her hand, and slapped Chloe’s face fiercely,

Seeing the whole person leaning over and falling heavily on the ground.

This slap made Chloe’s eyes twitch into gold stars,

And the severe pain made tears burst out of her eyes.

However, this girl did not have any pity, she then stepped forward,

Stepped on Chloe’s chest, pointed at her, and said to Elaine:

“Auntie, if you want to fight this kind of thing, you can fight anytime, anywhere, 24/7!”

“When I first came in, I saw that this b!tch was upset.”

“I thought that she must stay away, but I didn’t expect that she would dare to take the initiative to provoke me.”

“Forget it, she wants me to buy cigarettes for her, I think she owes it herself!”

After speaking, she slapped Chloe’s face hard, and said coldly:

“You just said what’s going on? Asking my family to find someone you designated outside and buy you American spirits?”

“No, no…that’s not what I meant…”

For Chloe at this time, the bowels of regret are all green.

If she knew it was like this, even if she killed her, she would not come to provoke this thin girl.

At this time, she completely ignored the pain like a burst face,

She shook her head in fright, and said submissively,

“I was just joking, don’t take it seriously…”

The Asian girl ignored her, and looked at Elaine and asked,

“Auntie, don’t you want to hit her? Why haven’t you done it yet?”

“Could it be that you are soft-hearted?”

Suddenly Elaine exploded, and she exclaimed excitedly:

“What? I’m soft-hearted?! I can be soft-hearted to anyone,”

“And I can’t be soft-hearted to this stinky b!tch!”

After that, she spit in the palm of her hand while coming forward!

Immediately, rubbed her hands together vigorously, and scolded through gritted teeth

“Grandma’s! If I don’t kill this b!tch today, my mother would be a fcuking horse!”