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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4855 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4855 Start

The one-hour-long fresh air time soon ended.

All prisoners lined up to return to their cells under the supervision of prison guards.

Elaine trembled and returned to the cell with her fellow inmates.

After arriving in the cell, she felt even more uneasy in her heart.

She didn’t know Charlie’s relationship, how long it would take to get the money for cigarettes to Jessica’s sister,

And she didn’t know if Chloe would stop bullying her.

After returning to the cell, she silently came to her bed,

But her bed was still wet, let alone sleeping, she couldn’t even sit on it.

At this time, Chloe came to the bed opposite Elaine with a smile on her face.

After sitting down, she looked up at the submissive Elaine, and said with a smile:

“1024, the prison guard said that she has received the money from your family to buy cigarettes.”

After hearing this, Elaine suddenly let out a long sigh of relief,

And quickly said respectfully: “Since the money has been received, then…”

“Can you stop bullying me in the future…”

Chloe said solemnly: “1024, what you said is a little wrong, I’m not bullying you,”

“I just taught you the basic rules of survival in this cell.”

Elaine nodded quickly and said, “Yes yes yes …”

Chloe smiled slightly and continued: “1024, I was sloppy about some things before.”

“I also chatted with Jessica just now. Recently, I want to bring some other prisoners into the room.”

“Collect them one by one, and then I will be the strongest of the entire Bedford Hills Correctional Institution.”

Elaine didn’t understand a little, didn’t know that Chloe said she was sloppy,

And then said that she was going to be the strongest woman in this prison.

Strong and sloppy, what do these two things that don’t match up have to do with each other,

What exactly does she want to express?

Chloe said again at this time: “If you want to recruit other people,”

“You have to provide certain benefits, and here, cigarettes are the best hard currency,”

“So if I want to become the strongest sister of Bedford Hill Correctional Institution want to be so big,”

“I will naturally need more cigarettes, in this case, two cigarettes a day will naturally not be enough.”

Only then did Elaine understand what Chloe meant by being sloppy.

It turned out that the price was a bit sloppy.

At this time, she was extremely angry in her heart.

She had never seen someone as shameless as Chloe.

Even her mother-in-law couldn’t be so shameless to the point where she made progress over and over again,

And she always overthrew what she said.

One a day, two a day, three a day, and four a day, if she did as she said,

It would cost four thousand dollars a day, which is definitely an astronomical figure!

Although Elaine didn’t know the consumption level in the United States, she thought to herself:

“This ba5tard red-haired devil, her face is whiter than a wall,”

“But her heart is darker than a ghost! Four thousand dollars a day,”

“More than one hundred thousand dollars a month.”

“Outside, with more than 100,000 dollars I can find a killer to kill her!”

Chloe frowned when she saw that Elaine did not agree immediately,

And immediately put away the smiling face just now, raised her hand, and slapped her in the face.

And shouted angrily: “I asked you something, why didn’t you answer?! Are you courting death?”

Elaine’s face was full of unbearable pain, but when this slap came over,

The pain almost exploded in place. Tears of grievance came out of her eyes again,

And she could only cry and say: “Don’t…”

“I’ll call my son-in-law tomorrow and ask him to buy four cigarettes from tomorrow.”

Chloe snorted, looked at Elaine, and said contemptuously:

“You are really a b!tch, couldn’t you promise me earlier?”

“You have to be slapped before agreeing, I am letting it go for today.”

“But if you dare to hesitate in front of me next time,”

“Even if you finally agree, I will beat you to the death, do you hear me?”