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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4854 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4854 Start

“Of course,” Chloe said with a smile:

“As long as you can get your family to buy two cigarettes from Jessica a day,”

“What happened to you today will never happen again,”

“And my sisters and I will never be the same. Not only won’t bully you but will cover you!”

Elaine heard this, slightly relieved.

$2,000 a day, converted into Yuan, is indeed not a small sum,

But she believes in her son-in-law’s ability to make money.

After all, Charlie usually goes out to show others Feng Shui,

And he can earn several million Yuan casually, which is hundreds of thousands in US dollars,

Which is enough for her to live a long, peaceful life in prison.

Thinking of this, she quickly said to Chloe: “Okay! As long as you can fulfill your promise,”

“I will call my son-in-law after dinner!”

“Okay!” Chloe nodded feeling satisfied.

She has been here for so long, and she has never met such a financially capable inmate.

Originally, as long as she asked someone to buy a cigarette from Jessica,

She would get fifty dollars in addition to a cigarette.

And just now, Jessica told her in private that if Elaine’s family could buy cigarettes from her,

At a price of one thousand dollars, she would get three hundred dollars in addition to the cigarettes.

Even though Bedford Hills Correctional Institution is a women’s prison,

Cigarettes and tampons are absolute hard currency here.

As long as you have these two things, you can get everything you want in prison.

As for the dollars she got from Jessica, Chloe had Jessica deposited into her jail account.

Although she doesn’t need to spend much money in prison,

It is actually the safest way to store the money in the prison account,

Because when she is released from prison in the future,

The account balance can be refunded and exchanged for cash.

In the past, Jessica could get two or three thousand dollars a month,

But now that Elaine came, it is like getting a cash cow.

Two cigarettes a day not only guarantees that she can get all the things she needs in prison,

But also makes a net profit of $600, so that’s 12,000 a month.

Therefore, she decided to change her strategy for Elaine and try her best to squeeze more money from her.

Afterward, Elaine used her right hand, which was trembling even more than a Parkinson’s patient,

To reluctantly deal with a few mouthfuls of food,

And then hurriedly followed the large army to the venue to get some wind.

The place is a playground in the middle of the prison, surrounded by high walls and buildings,

About half the size of a football field. Almost a thousand prisoners are crowded here at this time.

On the edge of the playground, there are prisoner-dedicated small shops and a row of card pay phones.

Elaine immediately came to the public phone

And waited in line for a long time before finally lining up for a phone,

Inserting her ID card, she immediately called Charlie.

At such a time, she knew that it was useless to call her daughter,

And the only one who could save her was her wonderful son-in-law.

At this moment, Charlie had just finished dinner at Fei’s house.

Joseph’s subordinates are still following the clues of Georgina and Phaedra,

And in the prison, the Cataclysmic Front has already arranged three female soldiers.

It’s just that they are not currently in the same cell as Elaine.

The phone suddenly prompted a local call from New York,

And Charlie guessed almost instantly that it was his mother-in-law,

Who was calling from prison, so he pressed the answer button, and asked in a confused manner:

“Hello, Who is it?”

On the other end of the phone, Elaine’s sobbing voice came:

“Good son-in-law…it’s me, good son-in-law…”

“Your Mom is so miserable in prison….You must save me…”