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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4853 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4853 Start

Elaine could only lag behind from a distance because her legs were sore and numb.

On this road, every step she took was extremely difficult, but she could only persevere.

The prison guard also deliberately slowed down at this time, and came to Elaine,

And whispered: “1024, is your family rich?”

Elaine was stunned for a while and did not dare to speak.

The female prison guard smiled and said, “Your lawyer has deposited ten thousand dollars in your prison account,”

“And you can use your ID card to buy things in the store.”

After speaking, the prison guard lowered her voice and said:

“By the way, let me introduce myself, I am Jessica, if your family wants to buy cigarettes,”

“Remember to contact me, the American spirit, one thousand dollars apiece.”

“One thousand?!” Elaine asked subconsciously: “Didn’t Chloe say four hundred dollars a piece?”

Jessica smiled and said indifferently: “Four hundred dollars was yesterday’s price,”

“And today’s price is one thousand dollars. If you want to buy it,”

“Just call your family and ask them to contact my sister, otherwise,”

“I can’t guarantee what that Chloe will do to you at night!”

Elaine knew that this place was full of snakes and rats,

And now was not the time to reason with this prison guard,

So he quickly asked her, “Can I call home now?”

“Okay.” Jessica said lightly: “After dinner, it’s time to let go.”

“You can use your ID card to call your family at that time.”

As she spoke, she quietly stuffed a note into Elaine’s hand and lowered her voice, and said:

“This is my sister’s phone number.”

“If you want to buy cigarettes, contact her.”

When she heard that she could call her family, Elaine was so excited that she couldn’t add more.

She can’t wait to call Charlie right now, crying and letting him do everything possible to save her.

However, if she wants to call home,

She has to wait until dinner time is over and everyone is out on the playground.

So she could only follow the army to the restaurant.

In the restaurant, she could only hold the dinner plate as her hands were too weak,

And then reluctantly took the dinner plate to an unoccupied corner.

When she sat down, Chloe appeared out of nowhere and sat opposite her with a dinner plate.

And her party members, that is, the other prisoners who had just enjoyed Elaine’s pedicure service,

Also swarmed over and surrounded Elaine.

Elaine was a little panicked and hurriedly asked Chloe, “Are you okay?”

Chloe looked at her, smiled, raised her eyebrows, and asked,

“I heard from Jessica that your family is rich, they deposited 10,000 at one time in your account here?”

Elaine could only say with a promise: “I…my son-in-law is so filial…he…”

“He was sure that I would be wronged here,”

“So…that’s why he asked the lawyer…to give some more money…”

Chloe nodded and said with a smile: “Since Your family is so rich,”

“Then I may have to adjust the conditions I offer today.”

Elaine asked nervously: “You…how do you want to adjust…”

Chloe smiled and said: “It’s nothing, it’s nothing more than changing one cigarette a day to two a day.”

“This shouldn’t be a big deal for your family, right?”

Elaine said with a painful face: “You……You said before that Jessica sells cigarettes for four hundred dollars,”

“But she just told me that one cost one thousand dollars…”

Chloe was not surprised at all, and said with a smile:

“$1,000 is nothing to you, two is only $2,000, but if you spend that $2,000,”

“I can assure you that no one will bully you here.”

When Elaine heard this, she quickly asked, “Is what you said true?”