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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4852 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4852 Start

So Elaine followed her example based on her previous memory and soak Chloe’s feet.

Seeing Elaine’s obedient appearance, Chloe was in a good mood. While enjoying Elaine’s service,

She said with a smile: “After you finish it for me, remember to do it for my good sisters too,”

“Whatever you do for me, you do it for them, and if you dare to slack off,”

“You will go to sleep in the toilet tonight!” As soon as Chloe finished speaking,

Seven or eight people came out of the crowd, and Elaine collapsed.

If she squeezes one person’s feet for half an hour and seven or eight people come down,

She will be busy till the afternoon.

Not to mention how long it takes, she will have to exhaust herself half to death.

So, she could only ask in a pleading tone: “Chloe… Can I do half of it today,”

“And the other half tomorrow… I’m getting old, and I can’t bear it…”

Chloe pulled her foot out of the warm water, kicked Elaine’s chest, and said coldly:

“Old woman, you have to figure out when you are here,”

“What I said, you have to obey, otherwise If you don’t,”

“I have 10,000 ways to kill you, do you understand?!”

Elaine had broken a rib and was kicked like this,

Although Chloe didn’t kick the broken rib,

The pain was associated with and made her tears flow.

Elaine couldn’t help but look at the other inmates, hoping that someone could do justice for her,

Or plead to Chloe for her, but she didn’t expect that the entire prison area,

Including the one who spoke to her just now, even that Chinese girl who helped her translate was also a spectator,

So she could only nod her head with choked sobs,

And cried and said, “I understand… I understand…”

Chloe snorted and looked at the time.

She opened her mouth and said, “There are just four hours left for dinner.”

“In these four hours, you don’t have to do anything, just give us a few massages!”

Elaine understands that in front of this woman she has no qualification to negotiate conditions.

And there is no possibility of gaining sympathy.

In order to avoid more torture, she can only obey her words.

Not daring to disobey, she could only grit her teeth and nodded.

Even an experienced technician in a pedicure shop can’t beat the clock for four hours at a stretch,

Let alone a novice like Elaine.

Within half an hour, she was so tired that her hands cramped and her back was sore.

But Chloe didn’t give her any chance to breathe.

On the contrary, she beat and kicked her repeatedly because Elaine became weaker,

And the tears of Elaine’s torment treatment never stopped from the beginning.

Four hours later, Elaine was so tired that she was in severe pain,

And her hands and arms were so painful that she couldn’t even lift them up.

Just when she was halfway through pinching the last person,

The prison guard came over and knocked on the fence door, and shouted coldly,

“Get ready for dinner, everyone line up immediately!”

Everyone stood up and lined up, and Elaine finally stopped.

But because she squatted for too long, she couldn’t even stand up now.

The iron fence door opened, and a female prison guard stepped forward to count the number of people.

Seeing that Elaine was still squatting on the ground, she immediately stepped forward and scolded:

“1024, line up immediately! If you don’t enter the line within three seconds, You won’t eat at night!”

Elaine could only use all her strength while crying,

She gritted her teeth and insisted on standing up, walking into the queue with difficult steps.

Afterward, the entire prison area, led by the prison guards, went to the restaurant to eat.