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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4851 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4851 Start

Elaine collapsed when she heard it, but she dared not speak for a while.

Seeing that the whole prison was watching her and laughing, no one wanted to speak for her,

So he could only grit her teeth and nod.

Although she was resentful in her heart,

Facing this woman, she did not dare to have any disobedience at all.

After all, when people are under the eaves and have to bow their heads,

Not to mention that she is in a foreign country, and the feeling of being helpless is even stronger.

Fortunately, she can bend and stretch.

Seeing that she can’t offend this Chloe, she can only resign.

Seeing that she had swallowed all the toothpaste in her mouth, Chloe smiled contemptuously,

And asked coldly, “Did this toothpaste help you recall just now?”

“How should you give someone a foot massage?”

Elaine quickly nodded her head like garlic and said,

“I remembered, I remembered…”

Chloe snorted, “Since you remember, why don’t you go get a basin of water to wash my feet?”

“I’ll break your legs if you drag on!”

When Elaine heard that she was going to break her legs,

She was so frightened that she quickly picked up the basin and said, “I’ll go, I’ll go!”

While speaking she trotted all the way and brought a basin of hot water from the bathroom.

Seeing Elaine’s obedient appearance, Chloe knew in her heart that this newcomer was shocked by her fully.

She has been at Bedford Hills Correctional Institution for a long time,

And she knows very well that here, the law of the weak is the most basic way of survival.

For a prison boss like Chloe, if she wants to secure her position,

She must deal with every newcomer who comes in.

Be sure to defeat all her will on the first day the newcomer arrives, and make her an obedient dog.

Only in this way can she ensure that there will be no second small team in this cell.

The only way to ensure that the position of the boss is not threatened.

And every newcomer, if she wants to be alone in this cell,

She must have strong fists and courage.

Just like Elaine, if she dares to fight against Chloe on the first day she comes in,

Under Chloe’s provocation, she will fight against her first,

Even if her head is beaten with blood, just grit her teeth and don’t bow her head.

Chloe will never come to trouble her again, and will even change her strategy immediately,

From high-intensity oppression at the beginning to winning over and extending a hand of friendship.

But if she is trampled underfoot on the first day, then as long as she is still in this prison in the future,

She will never be able to turn over in front of Chloe.

Because, for a wicked person like Chloe, the more cowardly and submissive people are,

The more they will be bullied and oppressed crazily by her.

At the moment, Elaine doesn’t know that in Chloe’s eyes, she has become a target of wanton abuse.

She originally wanted to use her actions to please Chloe,

But she didn’t know that she has more torture awaiting her.

Although Elaine has never washed others’ feet in her life,

She used to go to beauty salons to enjoy various treatments,

Among which foot massage is basically a must-have item,