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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4850 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4850 Start

When Elaine saw her compatriot, she immediately cried and said,

“She is too unreasonable. Why did she slap me? I didn’t provoke her…”

The red-haired woman Chloe was upset when she heard Elaine crying, grabbed her hair,

Slapped her with the other hand, and said coldly:

“Let me hear you cry again, I will put your mouth ripped!”

Elaine really did not expect that the women’s prison here was so dark.

Just a few minutes after entering, she was slapped three big deep pockets in a row.

Seeing that Elaine’s face was swollen into a pig’s head, Chloe smiled contemptuously:

“Remember, today is just to teach you a little lesson.”

“If I don’t see smoke tomorrow, you will be at your own risk!”

Saying that, she instructed a woman behind her, “Jenny, go and pick up a basin of water!”

The woman named Jenny immediately ran to the bathroom, and soon came back with a basin full of water.

Chloe looked at Elaine and said coldly,

“Sorry, you can only sleep on the floor today.”

After saying that, she gave Jenny a wink.

Jenny is not a good thing either, she looked at Elaine playfully and poured a basin of water on her bed.

This time, not only the bedding that she just received is soaked with water,

But even the pillows and mattresses are useless.

Elaine didn’t dare to speak, let alone resist,

So she could only submissively look at her dripping bed, with regret in her heart.

Naturally, what she hates is that this Chloe deceived people too much,

And what she regrets is that she played bad cards with her own good cards.

She choked up in her heart and thought: “I really regret my death…”

“If I hadn’t been fooled by the two b!thhes, I would have flown back to my country now!”

“I could have sold my necklace, and I don’t have to live this uncomfortable life now…”

“How could I end up in a prison here? And I have to be bullied by these prison bullies… “

At this time, Chloe looked at Elaine and sneered:

“I heard that you Chinese people are very fond of foot massage.”

“It happens that the soles of my feet are uncomfortable these two days.”

“Go get a pot of hot water and give me a good squeeze!”

Elaine said subconsciously, “I…I won’t…”

“No?” Chloe sneered, took a piece of toothpaste from the personal belongings that Elaine had just received,

Opened the cover directly, pointed the toothpaste at Elaine’s mouth,

And squeezed in more than half of it in one go.

While Elaine tried to dodge, she tried to spit out the toothpaste,

But Chloe beckoned to Jenny beside her.

Jenny immediately called the other two and skillfully pressed Elaine on the wet single bed,

And then One person pressed her shoulders tightly, making her unable to move,

While the other person tightly covered her mouth, making her mouth full of toothpaste and unable to spit it out.

Chloe and her subordinates were already well acquainted with this kind of pranking method.

Elaine was tightly covering her mouth and could only barely breathe through her nose,

But because her mouth was full of toothpaste, the taste was spicy and she choked quickly.

She couldn’t stop coughing, but this cough didn’t matter,

A part of the toothpaste mixed with saliva was sprayed out of her nostrils,

Burning the entire upper respiratory tract, making it extremely painful.

At this moment, Chloe smiled cruelly and said sternly:

“If you are sensible, swallow the toothpaste in your mouth,”

“Otherwise, I will go to the toilet to get something to feed you!”

When Elaine heard this, she was so frightened that she lost her mind.

She ignored the spicy and jerky toothpaste, so she could only grit her teeth,

And swallow the toothpaste in her mouth little by little.

Elaine, who ate most of the toothpaste, felt burning pain in her entire esophagus and stomach, and she couldn’t stop her tears.

She couldn’t help wailing in her heart: “How can this red-haired devil be so much worse!”

“She’s just a devil! You fcuking wait for me, you will fall into my hands in the future,”

“I will torture you ten times, a hundred times!”