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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4848 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4848 Start

This time, Elaine only hoped that she could meet a few normal people.

Following several prison guards into the cell, the guard took her directly to Cell No. 12.

After arriving at the door, the prison guard yelled at the inside through the thick iron gate:

“Everyone stand up and assemble immediately!”

Elaine stepped on her feet and looked in, only to see the No. 12 cell,

Which was at least hundreds of square meters in size,

And the entire cell was symmetrically divided into left and right sides by a low wall about one meter high.

The side is a semi-open space constructed with low walls.

In this semi-open space, there is a small single bed on the left and right.

At this time, the prisoners inside were resting,

Some were lying on the bed, and some were sitting at the head of the bed and talking to others.

Hearing a loud roar from the prison guard,

The group slowly got up and lined up in the inner part of the middle corridor.

The prison guard did not rush to open the door at this time,

But counted the number of people from outside and confirmed that everyone had lined up.

Then he said on the walkie-talkie: “Open door 12.”

As soon as the voice fell, the heavy iron fence door opened automatically.

The two prison guards walked in first with batons, while the other two guards held Elaine and followed behind.

After entering, Elaine was directly brought to the front of a group of female prisoners by the prison guards.

And this group of female prisoners of different skin colors,

Ranging in age from 18, 19 to 50 or 60 years old, were looking at her with contempt or provocation.

In their eyes, this yellow-race woman in her fifties,

At first, glance looks like an unlucky person who can be easily bullied.

The prison guard pointed at Elaine at this time and said to the crowd:

“She is No. 1024, and she will live in this prison from now on.”

Elaine bit the bullet, waved to everyone, and said with a forced smile, “Ha…Hello…”

The female prisoners present did not pay any attention to her.

On the contrary, many people looked at her with great interest,

And there seemed to be some ulterior motives in their eyes, which made her somewhat nervous.

One of the prison guards pointed to an empty bed and said to Elaine:

“1024, you will sleep in this bed in the future!”

She nodded quickly.

The guards didn’t talk too much.

After simply settling down Elaine, they turned around and left the cell directly.

As soon as the prison guards left, a red-haired, white woman in her thirties came to Elaine with her shoulders in her arms,

And asked contemptuously, “Hey, new here, let me know why you came in?”

“Ah?” Elaine was slightly startled and said hesitantly: “I…I am because…because…”

Seeing that Elaine was murmuring and not talking about the main point,

The woman immediately reprimanded: “I tell you, I am the biggest in this cell,”

“What I ask, you answer; what I say, you do, otherwise, be careful that I punch your sh!t out!”

Elaine shivered in fright, and quickly said, “I… I was carrying contraband…”

The woman frowned and asked her, “Carrying contraband? How much?”

Elaine said quickly: “It was five kilograms…”

“Fcuk!” The woman said in surprise:

“Five kilograms?! Are you sure you aren’t playing with me?”

Elaine hurriedly said, “I don’t dare… I’m telling the truth…”

The woman looked Elaine up and down for a while and asked, “Are you a drug dealer?”

Elaine quickly shook her head: “I…I’m not…”

The woman asked again: “Then you work for a drug dealer? Or a gang member?”