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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4847 Free Novel

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When Elaine heard this word, the whole person was shocked and said quickly:

“Lawyer White, can you think of a way to walk through the back door and change me to a detention center,”

“An old lady like me who is helpless, how am I going to fight those serious criminals…”

“Then I won’t be beaten to death in there…”

James said helplessly: “Sorry, Ms. Ma, this is the operating rule of the New York judicial system.”

“Judging from the crimes you are currently suspected of,”

“The Bedford Hills Correctional Institution is the only place you are currently going.”

“This is not something that I can affect. I am a lawyer,”

“And I have to do things within the framework allowed by the law, not undermine it.”

Elaine suddenly panicked and asked, “Lawyer White, is there a prison boss in prisons here?”

“It’s the kind of person who is the biggest in the prison and bullies anyone she catches.”

“This…” James said embarrassedly: “As far as I know, there should be such a phenomenon in prisons in any country and any place,”

“But you don’t have to worry too much. Under normal circumstances,”

“As long as you don’t go Provoking those prison bullies, they will not have any conflicts with people of your age,”

“And after you enter, you can call me if you have any problems, and I will arrange for someone to solve it.”

Hearing what James said, Elaine was slightly relieved.

Thinking of what happened to her in the detention center last time, she thought to herself:

“Last time, it was mainly because there were two enemies, and the boss there bullied me!”

“If it weren’t for their two ba5tards, that b!tch wouldn’t necessarily take the initiative to trouble me!”

“When I get to this American detention center, I will try my best to keep a low profile.”

“It shouldn’t be a problem if I think about it carefully.”

At this time, James looked at the time and said,

“Ms. Ma, I have things to deal with, so I’ll leave first.”

“When you arrive at Bedford Hill, if you need anything, please call me at any time.”

“Okay.” Elaine nodded hastily.

James reminded again: “By the way, Ms. Ma, don’t forget to have a good lunch.”

“As far as I know, because the parliament has been reducing the prison budget,”

“The food in the prison is really not good, and even if you have money, it is not anything good to buy in there.”

Elaine hurriedly said: “I see… I have to ask the hospital to prepare a full meal for me at noon!”


After enjoying a sumptuous lunch comparable to a full-fledged Manchurian feast,

Elaine was taken out of the hospital by the police.

As she is suspected of transporting up to five kilograms of contraband,

She will be sent to Bedford Hills Correctional Facility in Westchester County, upstate New York, as ordered by the judge.

This is the only women’s prison in New York dedicated to felons or suspected felons.

In this prison, nearly 1,000 prisoners are detained.

From murder and arson to robbery and drug trafficking, the prisoners here are more vicious than the last.

After Elaine was taken to the prison, she first handed in her personal belongings,

and then completed a series of prison inspections at the order of the prison guards,

And then obtained her serial number in this prison: Prisoner No. 1024.

In the end, at the order of the prison guards,

She changed into prison clothes and was led into the prison area by the guards.

Elaine, who has entered the palace for the second time, although she is in a foreign country,

She is familiar with this series of procedures.

At this moment, what she was thinking about was what kind of inmates she would meet.

Last time. Those few days were like hell for her.