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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4846 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4846 Start

“If this crime is confirmed, you will never be out in your life.”

“Although I have the confidence to help you clear your name in such a serious case,”

“You also need to have an accurate understanding in your heart.”

“If you don’t even want to enter the detention center,”

“I can only say that you think a little bit too much, or think a little too optimistically.”

When Elaine heard this, she quickly complimented: “Lawyer White,”

“You didn’t even dare to scold a lot of police yesterday by yourself?”

“At first glance, you are a top lawyer with great skills, you can help me. Think about it…”

James said solemnly: “Ms. Ma, I will do my best to help you clear your name,”

“But what you just said, I really can’t do anything about it,”

“I have already seen your examining magistrate, the other party’s order was not to be released on bail,”

“So you must go to the detention center for a period of time,”

“And how long you will stay depends on how long the police take to catch Myren Chen and Phaedra Zong.”

Elaine suddenly fell to the bottom of the valley, and choked out:

“If they can’t catch them all the time, won’t I be able to get out for the rest of my life?”

James explained: “If they can’t catch them, I will do my best to defend your innocence,”

“But it may take a little longer, please understand this.”

Seeing that James hadn’t loosened at all,

Elaine knew that she would inevitably enter the detention center today, and her heart was full of despair.

In the last experience, she was really afraid of places like the detention center.

Especially this time she was in a foreign country where she was unfamiliar with the United States,

So she felt even more apprehensive about the detention center here.

But she never dreamed that if Charlie wanted to, he could have James help her get a diagnosis certificate and let her stay in the hospital all the time.

If Georgina can be caught as soon as possible,

She may not have to wait until entering the detention center to be completely cleared of suspicion.

But Charlie felt that in that case, she would definitely not learn a lesson.

That’s why he specifically asked Douglas to tell James not to let Elaine stay in the hospital for too long,

And send her to the detention center today.

At this time, James saw Elaine’s expression of despair, so he comforted her:

“Ms. Ma, your son-in-law is helping you find the people and solve the case as soon as possible,”

“So you don’t have to worry too much, you will stay in the detention center for ten to 15 days, you should be out.”

Elaine knew that he had no other choice but to wait, so she nodded lightly.

Although she was reluctant in her heart, she could only accept her fate at this moment.

Seeing that she was in a very low mood, James said again:

“Ms. Ma, after you are in prison, I will arrange for our staff to deposit enough funds in your prison account so that you can save money in your prison account.”

“Inside, you can buy whatever you need, you can call your family when it’s time for release,”

“And then you can call your daughter and son-in-law.”

Hearing that it is possible to call the outside world, Elaine’s mood eased a little.

Since her arrest, she has missed her daughter and son-in-law very much,

But apart from a phone call with them at the beginning, she has never had a chance to get in touch with the two of them.

So, she said to James with a sad face: “Lawyer White,”

“Please tell my son-in-law that he must do it as soon as possible,”

“It’s up to him whether my old bones can return to China alive… …”

James nodded and said seriously: “Ms. Ma, don’t worry,”

“My mobile phone is with the police at the door. I will contact your son-in-law when I get it back.”

Having said that, James added: “By the way, Ms. Ma, remember to have a good lunch at the hospital at noon.”

“After lunch, the police will take you directly to the detention center.”

“I still have a lot of related work to deal with, so at that time I’m not coming.”

Elaine hurriedly asked, “Lawyer White, which prison will I be sent to?”

James replied: “Ms. Ma, at the orders of the judge,”

“You will be sent to Bedford Hills Correctional Facility in upstate New York.”

Elaine asked: “Is the correctional institution less serious than a prison?”

“No.” James explained: “Although the name is a correctional institution,”

“It is actually the only women’s prison in New York dedicated to felons and suspected felons…”