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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4845 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4845 Start

The doctor nodded and said: “No problem, our hospital may not have this kind of thing,”

“But I will arrange for someone to go to the Chinese restaurant to buy it for you later.”

Elaine quickly asked again: “For this… I don’t need to spend my own money, right?”

“No.” The doctor said earnestly, “You don’t need to bear any of the expenses here.”

“Your lawyer has already signed the bill for you.”

When Elaine heard this, she couldn’t help but get excited and said quickly,

“Then please let them cook me another lobster porridge.”

“No problem.” The doctor agreed without hesitation.

Elaine remembered something, and hurriedly asked the doctor:

“By the way, can you give me proof of serious injury and let me live here forever?”

The doctor shook her head and said seriously,

“Ms. Ma, your injury has stabilized. According to the police’s request, you will be discharged at noon.”


Elaine seemed to have heard the cruelest words in the world, and blurted out:

“Why did you let me out of the hospital so quickly?!”

“If I am discharged from the hospital, wouldn’t I have to go to the detention center?!”

The doctor said apologetically, “I’m sorry, Ms. Ma, your arrangements after you are discharged from the hospital,”

“I really don’t know about it. You will have to ask the police.”

Elaine cried and said: “Doctor, it shouldn’t be difficult for you to give me a certificate of serious injury, right?”

“You should help me to give me one, my old bones really can’t stand the tossing of the detention center.”

The doctor said helplessly: “Ms. Ma, this kind of thing cannot be faked in the United States.”

“If I issue you such a certificate, the police will definitely ask other doctors to review it.”

“If my certificate is found to be false. Then I will never be qualified to practice medicine again in my life.”

Elaine hurriedly said: “What you said is just a matter of probability,”

“It may not really happen, you should have pity on me and help these old bones…”

“I have been to the detention center before, and I broke a leg,”

“I don’t know what kind of environment it is in there,”

“If you let me in again, I might really be bullied to death…”

The doctor shook her head repeatedly and blurted out,

“I’m sorry, Ms. Ma, this is a matter of principle, and I really can’t help you.”

Elaine gritted her teeth and blurted out: “Doctor if you can’t, you can just break one of my ribs.”

“If I break two ribs, you can’t drive me away from the hospital, right?”

The doctor said embarrassedly: “Ms. Ma if I really do this, it’ll not just be a matter of revoking my medical qualifications.”

“Maybe I’ll go ahead before you, and the two of us may be able to be inmates in prison. .”

After speaking, she immediately changed the topic and said,

“By the way, Ms. Ma, you want to eat millet, ginseng, and lobster porridge for breakfast, right?”

“I’ll make arrangements now, you wait a moment.”

After saying this, the doctor turned around and left the ward without waiting for Elaine to speak.

When Elaine was in despair, James White, the top criminal lawyer in New York,

Knocked on the door and walked in. Seeing her, he asked with a smile, “Ms. Ma, did you rest well last night?”

When Elaine saw the lawyer coming in, she immediately rekindled hope, and quickly asked,

“Lawyer White, I heard the doctor say that I will be discharged from the hospital at noon today. What’s going on?”

James explained: “The police reviewed your medical records this morning and met with your attending doctor.”

“According to your doctor’s feedback, the police believe that you no longer need to stay in the hospital for treatment.”

“So you will be discharged from the hospital at noon today.”

Elaine blurted out: “Do I have to go to the detention center after leaving the hospital?”

“I don’t want to go to the detention center!”

James said seriously: “Ms. Ma, I understand your feelings very well,”

“But first of all, you need to know what kind of case you are suspected of, carrying more than 5 kilograms of contraband out of the country,”