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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4844 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4844 Start

Jimmy suddenly remembered something at this time, and suddenly said:

“That’s not right, Auntie! If Elaine’s son-in-law really has such a strong strength,”

“Then Elaine can’t be fooled by us. With her character, her son-in-law is not like her.”

“If he is really so powerful, her tail would have been up in the sky long ago,”

“And it would have been impossible to trick her at all.”

Georgina said very firmly: “This can only show one thing, that is,”

“The idiot Elaine has no idea what kind of person her son-in-law is!”

When Kaiden heard this, he blurted out: “If only there was a chance to tie up that Elaine!”

“I don’t care what her son-in-law came from if she doesn’t spit out the money to be seized in my house,”

“I will slap the fcuk out of her and stab her to death!”

Georgina said coldly: “Kaiden, I advise you to stop dreaming.”

“If her son-in-law wants to get her out of prison, he must want to catch us.”

“That kid was able to find out our identities so quickly,”

“We will have to be very fortunate in the future to stay out of his claws…”

“Ah?!” Jimmy’s face turned pale with fright, and he blurted out,

“Auntie, what should we do now?!”

Georgina blurted out, “It seems that I was right in choosing to go to Mexico.”

“Let’s flee to Mexico as soon as possible. That is the most convenient place for us to hide”

“After we get there, let’s think about countermeasures later!”

At this moment.

New York’s highest-end private hospital.

Elaine just woke up on the soft bed in the luxury single ward.

Although she has a broken rib, fortunately, the problem was not serious.”

“The doctor gave her oral and topical drugs, which helped her minimize the pain, so the physical pain was almost negligible.

However, unlike the body, Elaine’s spirit was tortured all night.

She slept last night and had many dreams. Although each dream was different,

Each of them ended with her being sentenced to death by the court.

That night, she didn’t know how many times she woke up,

Let alone how many times she cried while hugging the pillow.

Although Charlie found her a very strong lawyer,

She was still afraid that she would not be able to clear her name.

At this time, there were many police officers standing guard outside the ward door.

In order to prevent her from escaping, they stayed here overnight.

The Chinese female doctor specially arranged by the hospital for Elaine just came over to round the room.

After police officers moved the door away, the doctor knocked on the door lightly, and then pushed the door open.

Seeing that Elaine was awake, she asked very politely,

“Ms. Ma, how are you feeling now? Did you sleep well last night?”

Elaine’s eyes were red, tears kept dripping down, and she choked:

“Last night… I don’t know how many times I was sentenced to death in my dreams… Doctor… I am really tricked…”

The doctor said helplessly: “Ms. Ma, I really believe in your innocence,”

“But I’m just a doctor after all, and the judge has the final say on such matters…”

After speaking, the doctor asked again, “What would you like to eat for breakfast?”

“If you have anything you want to eat,”

“You can tell me, and I will arrange for the logistics staff to prepare it.”

Elaine hurriedly asked, “Then is there anything I need to avoid in my diet?”

The doctor shook her head and said, “Your attending doctor said that your injury is not a big problem,”

“And your diet will be based on your own preferences.”

Elaine said quickly: “Then I want to eat some sea cucumber, preferably some simmered ginseng with millet.”

“People say that sea cucumber nourishes the body.”

“It seems that those who play football eat sea cucumber every day!”