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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4843 Free Novel

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When Kaiden heard this, the whole person was stunned.

Immediately, he asked incredulously: “Sister Mei, do you mean that Elaine reported us?!”

“She… she doesn’t know our true identities!”

Georgina said with a serious expression:

“I think that the accident with our family is inseparable from the arrest of Elaine,”

“Maybe it’s because of her, but if you ask me to show substantive evidence, I have no clue.”

Jimmy on the side said quickly: “Aunt Mei, I think that Elaine is an old hanging silk.”

“She can’t be so easily fooled, she must not have any great ability.”

Helma also echoed: “Yes, Aunt Mei, Elaine doesn’t look like someone with real skills.”

Georgina said coldly, “Do you remember her son-in-law?”

“Remember him.” Jimmy said, “Isn’t that the kid named Wade, what was his full name Wade, Charlie Wade?”

“Yes, it’s him!” Georgina nodded heavily and said coldly,

“Thinking about it now, I think that kid seemed unusual!”

Helma tilted her head to think for a moment, then said,

“Auntie, aside from being handsome, there doesn’t seem to be anything unusual about that kid, right?”

Georgina said with a solemn expression: “I can’t tell you the specifics, it’s just an intuition.”

As she said that, she suddenly remembered something,

Took out the mobile phone she used to keep in touch with her family, and quickly flipped through something.

After looking at it for a long time, she said with a puzzled expression,

“Strange…how come there is no movement at all…”

Jimmy asked curiously, “Nothing at all, Auntie, what are you talking about?”

Georgina blurted out: “Elaine’s arrest has not been reported by any media so far.

This time she was arrested carrying more than five kilograms of goods,”

“Which is a big case wherever it is placed, and there are so many news stories in New York.”

“In the media, this kind of thing will be reported as soon as possible, but why can’t I find any news reports at all?”

Jimmy hurriedly asked, “Auntie, what keywords did you search with?”

Georgina said: “I searched for the keywords of JFK airport, seized, and contraband,”

“But all I found are previous news, and there is even a report in which less than 50 grams of contraband was found.”

“If 50 grams are worth reporting, why not five kilograms?”

Jimmy frowned and murmured: “It’s really a bit strange to say that…”

“According to the customs and the police’s personalities,”

“If such a big case is found, one would wish the whole world would know about it.”

Georgina said very seriously: “This matter must have been suppressed artificially,”

“And I think the manipulator behind the scenes should have something to do with Elaine!”

After speaking, Georgina said again: “I understand Elaine’s situation.”

“As you said, she is just an old hanging silk, she can’t have any real skills,”

“And she is stupid to teeth, so the biggest suspect is her unassuming son-in-law!”

“fcuk…” Jimmy smacked his lips and blurted out,

“Should we tell the above and let them check the kid with the surname Wade?”

Georgina shook her head and said, “If he is really behind the scenes, then his strength is absolutely terrifying.”

“You must know that he can not only suppress such big news in the United States,”

“But also can find out my and Kaiden’s family’s situation and report to the police;”

“Moreover, there is a very important premise here, that is,”

“He must have full details of the real identities of me and Kaiden,”

“So this means he could find out our family members through our real identities,”

“And he could do that in a short period of time.”

“Finding the true identities of the two of us, the energy behind this, may be far beyond our knowledge…”