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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4842 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4842 Start

But Kaiden and Jimmy were penniless when they ran out,

So in order to escape, they had to sign a usury agreement with the black-hearted snakehead.

The cost of smuggling from northern Myanmar to the United States is 15,000 U.S. dollars, paid in installments,

With principal and interest, and a total of 30,000 U.S. dollars in the smuggler’s head.

The snakehead was not afraid of them running away at all,

Because he did not take them directly to the United States, but to Mexico first.

Anyway, as long as you get on the smuggler’s boat,

Just like the slaves in old times, life and death are beyond your control.

Those who are obedient can live until the boat docks,

While those who are disobedient have stones tied directly to their feet,

And are thrown into the sea on the spot to sink to the bottom.

The two managed to escape with great difficulty,

And they dared not to obey, so they followed the boat all the way to Mexico.

After disembarking in Mexico, the two were forced to stuff several packs of contraband into their rectums there,

And then traveled from Mexico to the United States with the fake identities provided by the smugglers.

According to the price of the snake head, a discount of 3,000 US dollars for one shipment was fixed.

And only by following the instructions honestly and earning money to pay off their debts, they were able to regain their freedom.

Otherwise, the gangs who cooperate with the smugglers could have made them go to the wilderness at any time.

The two were helpless and could only do as they were told.

In two months, he ran back and forth ten times before he regained his freedom.

At that time, it was Georgina who was in charge of arranging for them to enter and leave the border and pick up the goods on the US side.

She had already made a few names at that time,

And met an Asian elder who specialized in dumping contraband from Mexico to the United States and around the world.

Since then, she has become a “carrier” who specializes in helping the other party to transport goods.

Later, she waited for the two after they paid off the debt they owed to Snakehead, she then simply incorporated them both.

Although Georgina did all kinds of evil to the outside world,

She also knew the importance of team stability, so when the three followed her, she did not treat them badly.

Kaiden works relatively hard, and he has made some orders himself,

So he has earned at least two or three million US dollars in these years.

Jimmy is young and is not easy to fool into middle-aged and elderly people,

So his income is relatively low, but even so, he has earned millions of dollars over the years.

As for Helma, who played his wife, she was recruited by Georgina just a few years ago,

Because she was the most marginal in the team and didn’t make much money.

At this time, Kaiden was even more flustered.

He is afraid that not only his assets will be seized,

But even criminal evidence may be grasped by the domestic police.

If that’s the case, it’s impossible for him to go back home again in this life.

So, he asked Georgina in a panic: “Sister Mei, you said that we have never committed any crimes in China,”

“And we have not been going back very much recently. How could the police find us?”

Georgina said in a dignified and cold voice: “It’s not necessarily that the domestic police found us,”

“And as you said just now, we have never broken the law in China,”

“And those who were tricked by us to take goods back to China also don’t know our real identities at all,”

“So in the eyes of the domestic police, we are transparent people.”

Kaiden couldn’t help but ask, “Sister Mei, what do you think is going on here?”

“Why did the domestic police find our family so precisely?”

Georgina said with a stern expression:

“I think this matter must have been reported to China by someone from the United States!”

“Report from the United States?!” Kaiden blurted out:

“We didn’t offend anyone in the United States! Besides, Sister Mei,”

“I’ve known you for so many years, and I don’t know anything about your family situation.”

“It is estimated that you are not very clear about mine,”

“Now, who can provide our information to the domestic police so accurately?!”

Georgina shook her head and said with a very gloomy expression:

“I don’t know about this either, but I always have an intuition…”

Kaiden hurriedly asked, “What intuition?”

Georgina said, “I think this matter has something to do with that Elaine!”