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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4841 Free Novel

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Jason, who had been quietly smugged in his heart about Georgina’s fate at the last second,

Collapsed and lost consciousness in an instant because he couldn’t stand the sudden blow.

Jimmy hurriedly helped Jason, who was unconscious and fell to the ground, to get up.

While pinching the person, he said helplessly:

“Uncle, didn’t you think clearly when you persuaded Aunt Mei just now?”

“What’s the matter? It won’t work when it comes to yourself…”

Seeing that Jason was unconscious, Georgina’s mood seemed to have eased a little in despair.

It’s like when a person falls into an abyss and is desperate, suddenly another acquaintance jumps down.

This gave her some consolation in her heart.

So, she opened her mouth and said to Jimmy, “What’s the use of pressing him so hard?”

“You can’t wake him up even if you pull the front teeth off, so hurry up and pour some water on him!”

Jimmy looked at Helma, who was beside him, and blurted out,

“Go get water from the car, what are you doing here!”

Helma on the side was also in a hurry,

And hurried back to the car to get a bottle of water and handed it to Jimmy.

Jimmy poured water on Jason’s head and face, which then woke Jason from the coma.

As soon as Jason opened his eyes, he cried out in grief:

“god don’t have eyes! You are killing me!”

Georgina glanced at him and said coldly, “I won’t speak any more nonsense.”

“The most important thing right now is to make money first, and let the rest go.”

Saying that Georgina didn’t wait for him to respond, and said to Jimmy,

“You will drive and let him rest in the back.”

Jimmy nodded hurriedly, then helped Jason up and said,

“Uncle, I’ll help you to sit in the car.”

Jason got into the car in despair, and then Jimmy got into the driving seat,

And started the car to continue driving towards the US-Mexico border.

After the car drove out, Georgina in the co-pilot said coldly,

“The more I think about this, the more I feel that something is not right.”

Jimmy asked her, “Aunt Mei, what are you saying is not right?”

Georgina said, “If it’s just my family that’s in trouble,”

“Then it’s possible that a large number of unidentified assets have attracted the attention of the police,”

“But Xu’s house is thousands of kilometers away from my house,”

“And it makes no sense that his family has an accident too.”

“I suspect that there is some kind of inevitable connection behind the situation of the two families.”

Jason, who was sitting in the back row, blurted out,

“Sister Mei, are you saying that the police in China already know our true identity?!”

For the Front, if they can find information about Georgina,

They will naturally find out the background of Jason as well.

Jason is actually not his real name.

His original name was Kaiden Xu, and unlike Georgina,

He was tricked into northern Myanmar to commit fraud a few years ago in order to make a living.

However, because of his love of drinking all year round, his brain reaction speed is a little slow,

His mouth is stupid, and because he is not very skilled in business,

He did not make any money in northern Myanmar and was almost cut off his waist.

In the original words of the boss in northern Myanmar at that time,

Such waste not only can’t create any value but also wastes food.

Only by cutting his waist can the cost be recovered.

At that time, he happened to know Jimmy, who just turned 20 and couldn’t survive in northern Myanmar.

They were afraid that one day their waists would be cut off,

So they worked hard to escape from the devil’s cave and came out.

After escaping, the two did not dare to return to China,

So they found a way there and smuggled to the United States.

Different from Georgina, she smuggled herself by paying money to the smugglers to bring her over.