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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4839 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4839 Start

The water mixed with bile and rushed all the way down the trachea to the nasal cavity.

It was an indescribable pain. Georgina murmured to herself: “No… nothing more…”

Saying that, because of the resentment in her heart,

She threw the bottle full of water far away, and roared in despair and hysteria:

“Why! Why is this happening? That’s half my life’s hard work!!!”

Although the ancestors of China have long warned that money is something outside the body,

In fact, many people value money more than life.

A heinous person like Georgina has already put her life and death aside for a long time.

For her, her biggest pursuit is to make more money so that her family can pass on.

If in the future, her descendants can become the second and third generations of wealth,

And continue to be prosperous, that would be the ultimate goal of her life for her.

Her ultimate goal in life is not for any single descendant to get rich,

But in enabling the entire family to complete the change of fate.

To put it bluntly, it means sacrificing herself and making generations happy.

Therefore, if she were to be killed at this moment and her family would not be affected in any way,

She would never have any hesitation.

But now, this matter has developed in the direction she least wants to see.

It was these foundations that she had worked so hard for that fell apart in an instant.

She feels that the death of a person without spending money is not only a tragedy,

But a symbol of success, because in the big families in the United States,

They have passed down wealth for hundreds of years, without exception, died and the money was not spent.

On the streets, those homeless people who can’t even sleep in tents,

And can only curl up under bridges are all typical “they are alive, money is gone” without exception.

Therefore, when all her efforts are in vain and all her foundations are destroyed,

For her, it is the real tragedy on earth, the real disaster!

At this moment, she was distraught. After she threw up everything in her stomach that she could vomit,

She fell on the grass by the roadside, hugging her head and crying.

The other three did not expect that this female demon, who they do not know how many people she had killed,

Would sit on the side of the road so helplessly and cry.

At a certain moment, Jason felt somewhat in a trance.

He originally thought that a person with a hard heart like Georgina,

Who put her life and death aside at the same time would be fearless in this life.

Unexpectedly, she was not afraid of death, but she was most afraid of poverty.

However, in Jason’s heart, a sense of pleasure flooded unconsciously at this moment.

He has long criticized her.

On the one hand, this woman has absolute control over their small group, and she has never shown a good face to them.

On the other hand, it is because this woman earns far more than him.

Sometimes, watching others make money is more uncomfortable than losing money yourself.

I would rather lose 100 by myself than see others earn 10,000.

This is the case with him.

Although he is also earning money in the United States alone,

His wife, children, and grandchildren all rely on him to support him in China, but his family is not rich.

Over the years, the cash he has given to his family in total is estimated to be around 10 million RMB.

In his opinion, this amount of wealth is enough for the family to live,

But it will not be as leaky as Georgina’s, so although Georgina’s family is arrested, his family must be safe.