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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4836 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4836 Start

The leading police officer said with a serious expression:

“I tell you, the three of them are now suspected of money laundering, and according to the evidence we have,”

“They are involved in a very high amount of money transfer and the case is very serious.”

“According to the criminal law, they will be sentenced to at least 5 years imprisonment for not more than ten years!”

“Not only that, all the deposits, cash, houses, and cars in their names,”

“According to the evidence we have, are all illegally obtained, without exception,”

“And we will seize these assets in accordance with the law.”

“If the illegal income is transferred at this stage to you and their other family members,”

“According to the provisions of the Criminal Law, it belongs to knowingly concealing or transferring the proceeds of crime,”

“And shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than three years, short-term detention or control!”

“If the circumstances are serious, you will be sentenced,”

“To fixed-term imprisonment of not less than three years but not more than seven years!”

“So I warn you, you must cooperate honestly with our investigation! Otherwise, you will harm yourself!”

As soon as the eldest daughter-in-law heard that she might be sentenced to imprisonment, she was terrified.

The second daughter-in-law has a weak personality.

When she heard this, she was paralyzed on the ground in fright.

At this time, the eldest daughter-in-law also lost the aggressive energy she had just now,

And hurriedly cried and asked the police: “Then what should we do now…”

“You have arrested all the elders of our family, and our orphans and widows are not limited to wait and die?”

The police immediately said: “Don’t worry, I will immediately notify your community neighborhood committee and pay attention to your situation,”

“If you have any needs in life, the neighborhood committee will definitely help you solve it,”

“But I still say that you must first Know what is legal and what is illegal,”

“You already have three criminal suspects in your family, so don’t push yourself down the road of breaking the law!”

After that, the police immediately waved to the people around him: “Close the team!”

Everyone responded immediately and took the father and son into three police cars to the police station.

Seeing multiple police cars roaring away,

The second daughter-in-law was crying so hard that she quickly asked the eldest daughter-in-law,

“Sister-in-law… What can we do now…”

The eldest daughter-in-law was also frightened and murmured,

“I don’t know either… I’ve grown up so much, and it’s the first time I’ve talked to the police so much…”

The second daughter-in-law hurriedly said, “Sister-in-law, hurry up and give mom a call,”

“We have to let her make up her mind about this…”

The eldest daughter-in-law came back to her senses and said quickly,

“You are right, we should hurry up and call Mom, I will call her now! “

After saying that, she immediately took out her mobile phone and called Georgina.

The mobile phone Georgina kept close to her body was used exclusively by her to communicate with her family members,

And only her family members knew this mobile phone number.

She thought it was another call from her eldest son,

But when she looked down, she found that the caller was actually the eldest daughter-in-law,

And she couldn’t help frowning immediately.

She had never liked her eldest daughter-in-law very much.

She felt that this woman was pungent, strong, and even a little stupid.

However, she was also pregnant with a son at the time,

And she was eager to hold her grandson, so she acquiesced to the marriage.

But her dissatisfaction with her in her heart continued to increase as she transferred more and more money.

Just now, she wanted her eldest son to change his wife,

It was not just the talk. She really had this plan,

But she never spared her hands to interfere in this matter before.

And she originally planned that after she retired and returned to China,

The first thing she would do was to drive this eldest daughter-in-law away.

Now, when she saw her calling, she instinctively thought that,

This girl must have overheard what she said to her son. Now she is calling to ask her for help.

So, Georgina answered the phone and asked in a very unfriendly tone:

“Why are you calling me so early? Don’t you know it’s early in the morning here?”

The eldest daughter-in-law cried and said, “Mom… something terrible happened to our family…”

“Hayden, Hector, and Dad are all taken away by the police!”