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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4835 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4835 Start

The first police officer held the arrest warrant and said to Georgina’s eldest son:

“Hayden Mei! You are now officially arrested by the police on suspicion of money laundering!”

Hayden, who weighs more than 200 pounds, never dreamed that the police would come to his door one day.

He has always felt that her mother is a person with great ability.

She has a way to make a lot of money in the United States,

And she only needs to exchange her US dollars for Chinese coins here, and then they enjoy prosperity and wealth.

As for whether his mother’s money came from the right way,

And whether it was illegal to exchange foreign currency in private, he didn’t bother to worry about it.

So, he asked the police with a surprised look:

“What do you mean? Why suspected of money laundering? What money did I launder?”

The police said coldly: “We have sufficient evidence to prove that all the assets owned by you and your brother,”

“Are illegal gains obtained through illegal currency exchange!”

“And we also have evidence to prove that you are laundering money for an overseas criminal organization!”

“What?” Hayden said with a look of disdain:

“Every penny of our family is earned by my mother’s hard work.”

“How can it become illegal income in your mouth?”

The policeman frowned and asked him, “Don’t you know anything about the law?”

Hayden immediately said loudly: “Why don’t you understand? I’m a law-abiding citizen!”

“I don’t gamble, cheat, steal, or rob, why do you say I’m breaking the law?!”

Knowing that they couldn’t communicate with him, the officer said to his subordinates:

“Take the person away! Also, go in to see if Hector Mei and Patrick Zhang are there,”

“Arrest them too and bring them for trial!”

Several policemen rushed into the villa quickly and within five minutes,

They brought out the bewildered Hector and the shivering Patrick.

Patrick is Georgina’s husband. When he was very poor, Georgina went to the United States with others,

And he pulled two children back at home.

Later, Georgina made a lot of money and despised him more and more,

So she forced him to change the surnames of the two children from Zhang to Mei.

Patrick was useless and poor all his life. At that time, he had just lived a prosperous life with Georgina.

He deeply felt the benefits of being rich, so he didn’t want to go back to living in poverty no matter what,

So in order to live a little easier, he agreed to Georgina’s seemingly excessive orders.

Over the years, although Patrick and Georgina’s marriage has already existed in name only,

But the wealth he earned with her has also passed the addiction of rich people.

He drives a BMW X7 when he goes out and in on weekdays.

Some middle-aged women of the same age or a few years younger than him hang out together,

And he is usually complimented and served by those middle-aged women, and his life is not uncomfortable.

The more so indulging, the more nervous he becomes to see the police.

Patrick’s two daughters-in-law were shocked and frightened when they saw that,

Their husbands and father-in-law were arrested by the police,

And hurriedly chased them out to inquire about the situation.

The eldest daughter-in-law was a bit savage, and regardless of the nursing child in her arms,

She sat down on the ground and scoffed:

“Why do you come to our house to arrest us?”

“Do you feel unhappy when you see that our family is doing well? Tell me, who asked you to come?!”

The leading police officer said coldly: “I warn you, the three of them are all criminal suspects now,”

“And we will take them away for investigation.”

“You’d better not interfere with our law enforcement,”

“otherwise you will be obstructing public affairs, and you will be held legally responsible for that!”

The eldest daughter-in-law was unrelenting, crying and saying, “Don’t bully me,”

“A woman who doesn’t know anything! Today you want to hit me in my face and take my family away!”