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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4831 Free Novel

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Therefore, Georgina gradually developed resentment towards her employer’s family,

And always felt that the other party was deliberately bullying and oppressing her,

A poor woman who abandoned her husband and left her hometown.

However, she ignored a very simple reality.

The reason why her employer took the risk of taking care of her as an illegal immigrant…

Was because the price of illegal immigrants is relatively low.

Considering their own limited conditions, employers have to make such a choice.

If the price of two people is the same, all employers will not consider the latter.

Most illegal immigrants can also understand this truth, but Georgina didn’t think so.

She didn’t realize the natural gap between herself and the legal nanny,

She just kept accumulating her own resentment in her heart, and even gradually raised hatred.

In the third year of her arrival in the United States, a fire broke out in her employer’s house.

This killed three people in the family, a young couple in their thirties and their eldest daughter,

Who was five years old. Their youngest son, who was under a year old at the time, was missing in the fire.

The fire came from Georgina’s hands.

After she set fire, she took the infant to another city.

She entrusted a middleman to sell the child to a Chinese couple for $30,000 in their 40s who had been unable to have a child.

At that time, this transaction far exceeded the local market price, and the buyer was once persuaded by the high price.

But Georgina was very smart.

She could see the couple’s desperate hope for a child,

And also saw that the one-year-old baby was somewhat similar to the man,

So she described the child’s appearance to the couple based on the child’s facial features,

Saying that the child when grows up, he must be very similar to the man.

In addition, the astute Georgina also hit the most moving pain point:

Because they look alike, as long as they take the child to live in another place,

When the child grows up, no one will doubt that the child is not theirs,

Even if they take him back to his hometown in China in three or five years,

No one will doubt it if they say it is their own child.

Moreover, she also told the couple that, unlike the adopted child,

The child she brought is not yet one year old and will never have any memory of the original parents when he grows up.

In Georgina’s words, as long as you buy this child, the family will be passed on in one step.

So, the persuaded couple bought the child for $30,000, while Georgina got $25,000.

At the time, the money was more than what she earned as a nanny for two years.

Since then, she has embarked on the evil road of “making quick money”.

In the early years, she assumed various identities and specially selected Chinese families with babies.

Later, with the popularity of the Internet, many Chinese families did not dare to hire illegal immigrants as babysitters,

So Georgina changed her career and started other businesses.

Until she caught up with the current line.

Over the years, she has made more and more money.

Her two sons live in large villas and drive luxury cars.

Her eight grandchildren are also healthy and sensible.

The whole family is prosperous and happy.

Because she has been away from home for too long and has many grandchildren,

She is more and more eager to return to China to reunite with them soon.

In her own words, even if they are bad people, they should retire to take care of themselves.

And she is now more and more eager to retire one day.

But she is also very clear in her heart that neither of her two sons is the material for success,

And they have no real skills other than spending money and playing with women,

And her husband, who is only a farmer, has not lived with her for 20 years. And have nothing in common.

In the final analysis, the whole family, a husband, two sons,

Two daughters-in-law and eight grandchildren have no ability to make money,

And rely on her income in the United States to enjoy a good life.

Once she retires, the whole family will enter a stage of sitting and eating.

So for Georgina, how to accumulate more money as soon as possible before retirement has become her most anxious thing now.

Originally, she thought that after the success of Elaine’s carriage,

Plus a large order from Mexico, she could earn at least 200,000 US dollars,

And she could get one step closer to her success.

But unexpectedly, this happened to Elaine.

So, to avoid the limelight for a while and to ensure that business in Mexico is not affected,

She decided to go there in person.