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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4826 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4826 Start

Charlie said seriously: “You help me investigate in Providence, a Chinese named Myren Chen,”

“Who looks like she is in her fifties, this person should be using a fake identity,”

“But she actually used this fake identity, in Providence Widdens she lived,”

“So she will definitely leave clues, so I need you to help me find out,”

“The current whereabouts of this person as soon as possible.”

After speaking, he instructed again: “Also, their gang should also have a contact person here in New York.”

“You can find a way to investigate the surveillance at the airport,”

“And then see who was on the street with my mother-in-law and find a way.”

“Find out her whereabouts, and it’s best to catch people directly.”

“No problem!” Joseph said without hesitation:

“Don’t worry, Mr. Wade, leave everything to your subordinates!”

Charlie knew very well in his heart that Myren would definitely find a way to monitor Elaine’s every move.

Elaine was arrested now, and she had already lost contact with her,

So she would be alert and realize that Elaine had an accident.

In this case, they will be evacuated from the place where they originally lived in the shortest possible time.

Therefore, it is very unlikely that she wants to go to Providence to find Myren now,

And the people in Cataclysmic Front can only find her through the clues she left.

As for Elaine’s contact person in New York, no matter whether Elaine had an accident or not,

She would flee the scene of the crime as soon as possible,

So the possibility of catching them immediately is very slim.

Therefore, this matter as a whole cannot be rushed.

It can only be done by trying to find a way to arrest them while ensuring that Elaine will not have any major incidents in it.

When all the clues are revealed by the Cataclysmic Front,

And then the culprits are brought to justice one by one,

Elaine’s suspicion will naturally be cleared away, and at that time, she will be able to regain her freedom.

At this moment.

A Ford pickup was quickly driving away from Providence towards Seattle.

Sitting in the car were Myren and her four so-called family members.

The driver was Jimmy Man, who played Myren’s son.

And Myren, who was sitting in the co-pilot at this time, scolded angrily:

“This Elaine’s luck is too damn bad, I thought that even if she had an accident,”

“It must have happened after she arrived in Hong Kong.”

“Dmn, I didn’t expect that such an idiot would have an accident without even leaving the United States!”

Jimmy Man said embarrassedly: “Auntie, to be honest,”

“I have always thought that this Elaine is unreliable, not that she will eat black,”

“I just thought this b!tch is so fcuking fluffy, like the people,”

“Who is in bad luck have a natural magnetic field in their bodies.”

Myren asked with a cold face, “What natural magnetic field?”

Jimmy Man blurted out: “It’s the kind of magnetic field that is prone to accidents!”

“For example, if 10,000 people are walking on the street,”

“And a brick falls from the sky, the probability of hitting all the other 9,999 people is 50%,”

“And the remaining 50% % probability is to hit her.”

Myren shouted sharply: “Did I fcking use you here? What the hell did you do?”

“Elaine came over for dinner last time, why didn’t you say anything after she left?”

“Oh, I fcking know now, where are you waiting? When I was getting hit and killed by a car while walking,”

“You fcking say I knew you were going to be hit by a car.”

“Will I will be not able to bring you back to life? What’s the point of talking nonsense?”

Seeing Myren’s anger, Jimmy Man shrank his neck quickly:

“I’m sorry, Auntie…I…I didn’t mean to…”

Myren didn’t even bother to look at him, she took out her mobile phone,

Took out the card, and then threw the phone out of the window.

Afterward, she said to Jimmy Man: “Drive forward another 20 kilometers, and then turn to the south.”

He asked in surprise: “Auntie, aren’t you going to Seattle to avoid the limelight? What are you doing going south?”

Myren said coldly: “I’m going to Mexico, Elaine’s matter is stale,”

“And in Sister Zhou’s son’s matter, we must not make any mistakes!”