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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4825 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4825 Start

Before the trial, the judge will make a ruling on whether,

Elaine can be released on bail based on the general circumstances of the case.

If bail is available, the judge will give a bail amount,

And as long as the money is available, the person can temporarily restore freedom.

However, according to James, the amount of contraband involved in Elaine’s case is too large,

So bail is basically impossible.

This means that after the court session, Elaine will be temporarily detained in the detention center.

Similar to China, the United States also has two kinds of institutions:

Jail and prison. Although they both mean prison in translation,

The former is actually more similar to China’s detention center,

Which is used to temporarily detain suspects with lesser crimes or who have not yet been sentenced.

And the latter is the real prison for convicted criminals.

It is the former that Elaine will be detained.

In order not to make Charlie worry too much, Douglas also promised him that,

He could quietly fish Elaine out of it first through a special channel.

Even if Charlie needs it, he can directly send Elaine back to China, and he can completely settle the matter here.

However, Charlie declined his kindness.

On the one hand, Charlie didn’t want his wife to feel that his ability was too great.

On the other hand, he also hoped that Elaine would go in and have a good memory.

The last time she entered the detention center,

Elaine remembered that you can’t just steal other people’s things,

Especially other people’s bank cards, but the experience of entering the detention center only taught her this lesson,

And did not let her realize the danger of this world did not make her completely cut off her greed.

Although Charlie didn’t know how Elaine was fooled this time,

Based on his understanding of his mother-in-law,

He knew very well that the other party must have promised her some kind of benefit,

So it would have let her to lower her guard.

So in Charlie’s view, it is absolutely right and proper to teach her a lesson.

But he also knew very well that Elaine’s mistake this time was slightly lighter,

Than the last time, she stole his bank card and tried to transfer all the money to his bank card.

Therefore, she has been taught that she must not suffer too much inwardly.

It is estimated that the prisoners in the detention center are all suspects,

Who has murdered and set fire and are waiting to be sentenced?

In this case, with Elaine’s arrogant articulation and weak body, it may cause her trouble.

So, he called Joseph and said,

“Joseph, something happened to my mother-in-law, and she might enter the New York detention center in a day or two.”

“You need to find a way to arrange for a few female soldiers to enter in advance.”

“So that they can take care of her when she’s in there.”

Joseph knew what Charlie’s mother-in-law was, so when he heard this, he immediately asked,

“Mr. Wade, do you want your subordinates to take good care of her,”

“Or take care of her badly? If so, then I can unknowingly…”

“Don’t!” Charlie hurriedly interrupted him and said seriously,

“Of course I’m talking about taking care of her for the better, where did you think you went?”

Joseph quickly apologized: “I’m sorry, Mr. Wade, it’s your subordinate’s mistake…”

“Don’t worry, your subordinate will arrange for someone to enter in advance,”

“And absolutely ensure that your mother-in-law will not be bullied in the slightest after entering.”

Charlie instructed: “If someone bullies her after she goes in,”

“Don’t let your soldiers intervene too early.”

“If you intervene too early, it will look a little fake and illogical,”

“You can let her suffer first and then intervene on the grounds of compatriots.”

Joseph said without hesitation: “Mr. Wade, don’t worry, your subordinates will make arrangements.”

Charlie said again: “There is one more thing.”

Joseph respectfully said, “Mr. Wade, please speak.”