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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4822 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4822 Start

The head of the branch was buzzing, and James sneered:

“I was thinking just now, should I notify some of my friends in the media field,”

“This matter will be exposed, but since you have notified the media,”

“That would be better, and let the media reporters come to expose,”

“How you violated the law, violated humanity, and racially discriminated!”

In fact, James was ordered not only to help Elaine clear her name,

But also a very important task, which is to control this matter as much as possible,

And his influence, especially, try not to let Elaine’s name and image appear in any media as much as possible.

This is what Charlie meant.

After all, she is not only Elaine, she is also Charlie’s mother-in-law.

Even if this matter is resolved in the end,

Charlie does not want others to know that his mother-in-law was involved in such a ridiculous scam.

On the one hand, he really can’t afford to lose this person;

On the other hand, in case this matter becomes too big,

Elaine becomes well-known at the international level,

And as her son-in-law, he might be dug up by those who care.

Therefore, Charlie’s request is to solve it in a low-key manner, and not to make too much action.

The reason why James said that is to attack instead of defending.

A person like him knows that he can never let his opponent know his true demands.

Once his opponent knows that he does not want this matter to be exposed,

Then the opponent will definitely use this matter to test his bottom line.

So instead of doing this, it is better to counterattack and defend,

And take the initiative to ask for this matter to be exposed.

James’s method really worked, when the sub-director heard this, he hurriedly pleaded:

“Mr. White, don’t be angry, there must be some misunderstanding in this matter,”

“We will do our best to solve it, otherwise what do you think,”

“We will first arrange for your client to go to the hospital for treatment,”

“And as for the interrogation and transcripts, we will put it away later to ensure,”

“The safety of your client’s life, physical and mental health.”

James sneered: “This is a bit inappropriate, isn’t it? So the media are looking forward to it,”

“Don’t you let them see the client? I hope that people in the United States can see,”

“Through the media my client being attacked by you what it is like to get arrested with a broken rib!”

The branch chief said with a sad face:

“Mr. White, you can’t say that, our people have never hit your client…”

James asked: “Then how did my client’s rib break?”

“If you don’t want this matter to make a big splash in front of the media,”

“It’s not impossible, but you must promise me a few conditions!”

The branch chief said with sincerity: “Mr. White, please speak!”

James said coldly: “First of all, you must immediately provide a multi-angle bodyguard video.”

“I want to see the bodyguard video of every policeman on the scene!”

“No problem, no problem!” The sub-director agreed without hesitation.

Once the matter becomes a big one, the contents of the recorder will not only be handed over to James,

But may even be exposed by TV stations.

Therefore, in this case, how dare he refuse James’s request?

James continued: “In addition, the data I just asked you to show, that is,”

“The cases you have handled in the same situation in recent years,”

“You must give it to my assistant before ten o’clock tonight!”

“Okay…” Although the sub-director was reluctant, he could only grit his teeth and agree at this time.

He is very aware of the strength of James, who is dealing with high society every day,

And is very familiar with those media tycoons.

Once he wants to make a fuss about racial discrimination, then this matter will not escape no matter what,

And whether those cases are given or not will not affect the hat of racial discrimination.

So for now, he can only stabilize James first, as long as he promises not to announce it to the media for the time being,

Then there is still a way to mediate this matter.

James looked at Elaine at this time, and said very respectfully in Chinese:

“Ms. Elaine, I’m sorry, I’m late, and you have been treated badly!”