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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4821 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4821 Start

James said sharply: “Without the qualifications to practice medicine, why do you think my client’s injury is not serious?!”

“Are your eyes all medical CT scans?”

“What if my client has internal bleeding or internal organs rupture? Can you take this responsibility?!”

All the policemen looked at each other, not knowing how to respond.

At this time, James continued: “You have violently enforced the law,”

“Flouted the law, endangered life, which simply refreshed my understanding of your department!”

After speaking, he changed the subject and said more severely:

“Because my client is a yellow race, I ask you to show your previous cases of dealing with other suspects who were injured.”

“If I find that you are only targeting my client and not giving medical treatment,”

“Then I have reason to suspect that you are suspected of racial discrimination against people of color!”


At this time, the sub-director had 10,000 grass and mud horses galloping past in his heart.

“What the hell is this situation, how can this mad dog White raise the level of racial discrimination in just two sentences?!”

In the United States, what the police are most afraid of is the word “racial discrimination”.

Once you reach the level of these two words, things will immediately rise to the most serious level.

Not to mention that the police officer involved will be expelled from the police force,

And even his own sub-chief may be severely punished.

If mass incidents are triggered again, then he can only take the blame and resign.

So he quickly explained to James: “Mr. White, this matter has nothing to do with racial discrimination.

“The most important reason is that the facts of this case are really serious,”

“And my subordinates are eager to investigate the whole situation.”

“The ins and outs of this incident, and catch the mastermind as soon as possible…”

Saying that, he smiled and said, “You also know that as long as we catch the mastermind behind the scenes as soon as possible,”

“We can clear your client’s suspicions as soon as possible. After all, we also believe…”

James reached out a hand to interrupt him, and said coldly:

“It is your duty to investigate the real black hand of the incident,”

“And it is my job to clear my client of suspicion.”

“So you don’t need to be self-proclaimed, and I’m talking about racism now, so don’t digress here.”

After speaking, James’s volume increased a little and continued:

“What I need to know is, in the cases, you have handled in the past three years,”

“In how many cases were the suspects injured when they were arrested;”

“Secondly, I need to know how many of the suspects who were injured,”

“When they were arrested and sent to the doctor in time,”

“And how many were not sent to the doctor in time like my client:”

“Finally, I need to know how many of the people who were sent to the doctor in time were white people?”

“How many people of color were there? And of those people who were not sent to the doctor in time,”

“How many people were white people? How many people of color account for?”

“You must give me this data as soon as possible, otherwise,”

“I will immediately protest to the city police station and inform the congressmen,”

“Who are most concerned about racial discrimination!”

“God dmn it…” The branch chief only felt his liver tremble.

“Sure enough, it’s Mad Dog White! There’s no reason he can’t find it…”

There is a division chief in his district, and he is not numbered in the entire New York police system.

Because in the whole of New York, there are only one or two hundred bureaus of different sizes,

And he is only one or two percent of them.

But James is different.

James is one of the top criminal lawyers in New York, bar none.

It’s the whole pyramid of criminal lawyers in New York.

Therefore, in front of James, this small airport sub-director is no match at all.

Just when the sub-chief had no idea what to do, a police officer ran over and said breathlessly:

“Chief, there is news from the city police department,”

“People from CNN and the New York Times will come for an interview later,”

“The city bureau chief will also come!”