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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4820 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4820 Start

Before the director could say his name, James said coldly,

“I don’t need to know your name, I just need to see my client, right away!”

“Okay, okay…” The sub-director nodded quickly and said to his subordinates,

“Quick, take lawyer White to see the suspect!”

The subordinate did not dare to delay, and immediately said, “Mr. White, please come with me.”

James walked to the interrogation room with his assistant.

As soon as the police opened the door, James immediately said to the two police officers in charge of the interrogation:

“Hey, the interrogation is over. I want to communicate with my client privately, please leave.”

The two police officers in charge of the interrogation recognized James at once.

The two were too shocked to speak. The colleague who opened the door quickly said,

“Come out quickly and let Mr. White talk to his client in private.”

The two nodded quickly, picked up the transcript, and ran out the door.

James said to the policeman next to him: “My client doesn’t understand American law,”

“Plus she doesn’t speak the language, and she hasn’t seen her lawyer,”

“So if your transcript has any threatening or inducing elements,”

“It’s better to invalidate it. Don’t let me catch anything,”

“Otherwise, I will definitely challenge it in court!”

Several people suddenly felt a little pressure.

To all the police, James is like the most critical marking teacher behind an exam.

Sometimes you think you have answered flawlessly, but in his hands,”

“You can still find some small problems and that will be used to reject all your efforts.

Therefore, several people were also very nervous at this time,

Especially Elaine has a broken rib. When James came, he immediately made this matter extremely passive.

Elaine also vaguely heard that this hard-spoken man should be the lawyer that her good son-in-law found for her.

She suddenly felt that she had met a savior, so she cried out excitedly, and said loudly:

“Help, lawyer, police officer hit me and broke my ribs!”

When the two Chinese police officers heard this, they immediately broke down in a cold sweat.

In order to cater to a top Chinese family like the Fei family, James has long learned fluent Chinese.

So when he heard this, his expression immediately became extremely angry, and he roared coldly:

“You hurt my client, which itself is a serious violation of the law and the police’s law enforcement regulations,”

“But even so, you guys didn’t send my client to the doctor in time,”

“And instead continued to harshly interrogate my severely injured client here.”

“This is simply inhumane! I want to check your law enforcement recorder at the time,”

“And immediately report to your superior unit for suing!”

All the police officers present panicked.

The fact that the suspect was injured was not easy to explain.

After all, Elaine did not attack the police, nor did she make huge efforts to resist the law.

Jimmy had already subdued her at that time, but he deliberately crushed her ribs after subduing her.

This is obviously subjective and intentional. No matter how you wash it, you can’t wash it clean.

Jimmy was outside the door at this time, and he was trembling with panic,

When he heard James’s high-pitched questioning inside.

The little policeman has a serious disparity in the status of the big lawyer,

Not to mention that he himself has made mistakes first.

At this time, he was completely indifferent and didn’t know what to do.

The sub-director did not dare to make a big deal of the matter at this time, and hurriedly said:

“Mr. White, this lady was injured mainly because of some friction in the process of law enforcement,”

“And our people checked her injury and thought there is nothing serious.”

“Just need to take some oral medicine later…”

James asked in a cold voice: “Any of you qualified to practice medicine? Including you, the distinguished Director!”

“This…” The branch chief said embarrassedly:

“We are all police officers, not qualified to practice medicine…”