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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4819 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4819 Start

The sub-commander looked out the door at this time, and when he saw Maybach, stopped at the door.

He immediately stood up straight, and while sorting his clothes, he said with a smile,

“Are the leaders of the city police here? Or maybe the councilor is here?”

“Guys, get your clothes sorted, and as soon as the big shots arrive,”

“Maybe the media reporters will be there too!”

Everyone was immediately excited, and one of them said quickly,

“Quick, quick, clean up the food on the table, don’t let the media take pictures!”

The people inside were excited and busy.

The co-pilot of the Maybach outside also got down at this time, a young man in a suit.

After he got out of the car, he hurriedly walked to the back row and opened the rear door.

Immediately afterward, a middle-aged man with gray hair,

A tall and straight body and a grim face stepped out of the car.

When everyone in the police station saw him, they were dumbfounded.

One of them said in a panic, “Holy Sh!t! It’s Mad Dog White!”

When everyone recognized the famous mad dog White, they suddenly became nervous.

The branch chief immediately frowned and said,

“What is this son of a b!tch Mad Dog White doing here?!”

“Yeah…” Jimmy Wayne was also a little puzzled, and couldn’t help but say:

“This ba5tard only serves the richest people, why did he come to us?”

The policeman who persuaded Jimmy to restrain himself in the future frowned and said,

“Jimmy, Mad Dog White, isn’t that the lawyer hired by this woman inside?”

Jimmy said contemptuously: “Just for her can you hire Mad Dog White?!”

“Someone who can hire Mad Dog White at least ranks in the top 100 among the rich in New York,”

“What is the concept of being in the top 100 in New York?”

“Don’t even think about the worth of more than ten billion US dollars!”

“Is that stupid woman in there worthy of hiring the mad dog White?”

Just after finishing speaking, the young man in a suit outside had pushed open the door of the police station.

The powerful James White stepped in, adjusted his tie with one hand, and said coldly,

“Which of you is the person in charge? I want to see my client, Ms. Elaine Ma.”

As soon as these words came out, all the police officers on the scene took a deep breath!

Jimmy was dumbfounded. He never dreamed that the mad dog White,

Who had been on the line with the New York police countless times by himself,

And who had beaten the New York police so helplessly, was really Elaine’s attorney…

At this moment, he was so frightened that his whole body was soaked in a cold sweat,

And his legs were almost paralyzed.

Everyone here knows that he broke Elaine’s rib by himself.

Once this falls into Mad Dog White’s hands, his future may be ruined!

Even if it doesn’t work well, he may face jail time!

The sub-director was also stunned at this time.

He had listened to the report of his subordinates before he came.

The person who was arrested this time was just a Chinese tourist to the United States.

She entered the United States on a tourist visa about a week ago.

For such a person, how could it be possible to get Mad Dog White as an attorney?

However, he was not allowed to think too much, because the mad dog White was extremely aggressive,

Not to mention a little shrimp-like him, even the chief of the New York City Police Department,

Has always been passive in front of him.

So, the branch chief immediately stepped forward and said,

“I am the person in charge here, let me introduce myself, my name is…”