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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4818 Free Novel

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Moreover, these police officers also despised the strength behind Elaine.

They always felt that such an exaggerated shrew, and a foreigner,

Could not have a strong background in the United States.

So, they only left two Chinese police officers to take notes for Elaine in the interrogation room,

While the others ordered a bunch of coffee, French fries, fried chicken, and pizza,

And ate supper in the lobby of the police station.

Everyone is very happy at this moment because they have successfully cracked a very important case of smuggling contraband,

And the latest type of synthetic contraband is involved, worth over 10 million.

They have reported the case to the New York City Police Department as soon as possible,

And the chief of police called them to congratulate them,

And said that they should hurry up to get the transcript,

And then report the matter to the media, and then let the media come over to interview one more time. Wheel, good report.

This is a good opportunity for the police officers of the airport police station to show their faces.

So everyone is very excited at the moment, even if some people have arrived at the end of getting off work,

They still decide to stay here and celebrate with everyone.

Among them, there is the policeman who crushed Elaine’s ribs. His name is Jimmy Wayne.

He was eating a slice of pizza at this time, and said with a sarcastic expression:

“This woman is probably going to be finished this time. When her transcript is clear,”

“We will report it to the New York City Police Department. According to her confession to arrest her upline,”

“The time in between is enough for her upline to run to the moon,”

‘These people have long been experienced, repeat offenders,”

“And they will definitely not be able to catch any of them by then.”

Another policeman said with a smile: “This woman is involved in up to five kilograms of contraband,”

“And the judge will definitely not allow bail. If we can’t catch the culprit,”

“She will definitely be sentenced to life imprisonment without parole. She’ll never go out again.”

A previous colleague who followed him said to Jimmy Wayne:

“Jimmy, you were too ruthless just now, this woman is old enough, in case you break a few of her ribs, it may be fatal.”

Jimmy said cursingly, “That b!tch claims to be my mom, and I’ve restrained myself without punching the sh!t out of her!”

The man said seriously: “In the future, you should try to control it as much as possible.”

“You know about Minneapolis. In this case, it’s better to be cautious,”

“And you have to be careful, in case her lawyer finds out, You will most likely be sued at that time.”

“Sh!t.” Jimmy said disdainfully: “I don’t think this woman can do anything at all.”

“She is a Chinese, and she can’t hire any great lawyers in New York.”

“If it is those assigned public welfare Lawyers, I have 10,000 ways to shut them up.”

As he spoke, he said proudly: “Teach you an experience, this kind of person likes to make himself very strong as soon as he comes up,”

“And tries to shock the other person as soon as he comes up, but in fact,”

“The more you deal with this kind of person, The more you have to be tough enough,”

“You even have to find a chance to use some violent means.”

“As long as you let her know that she kicked the iron plate,”

“She will immediately become more honest than a pug!”

“Next time you give her a little face, she will wag her tail attentively at you!”

The crowd burst into laughter.

At this time, the door was pushed open, and a middle-aged man who was a little fat walked in with a smile on his face,

And said loudly as soon as he entered the door:

“Guys, my wife and I just ordered a battle at the steakhouse.”

“Axe steak, before I can eat it, I heard that you have solved a big case, you have done a good job!”

When everyone saw the sub-bureau coming, they all became elated.

One of them asked, “Director, when will you arrange a celebration dinner for us?”

The sub-chief smiled and said,

“I’ll congratulate you after the city police station informs the media and reporters come to interview!”

The crowd immediately cheered.

The branch chief asked, “Where is the suspect now?”

Jimmy said quickly: “Director, the suspect is giving notes in the interrogation room.”

The sub-commander nodded and was about to speak when he suddenly heard a harsh screeching sound of brakes.

Everyone followed the sound and saw a black Mercedes-Benz Maybach limousine suddenly stop at the door of the police station.

A policeman near the door raised his eyebrows, whistled, and blurted out excitedly:

“Guys, it seems that a big man has arrived!”