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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4817 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4817 Start

Charlie found an open place to stop the car,

And after sending the location to Douglas, he continued to appease Claire.

After Claire’s mood stabilized a lot, the helicopter arranged by Douglas also arrived too.

The person who came was Douglas’s housekeeper.

After the helicopter stopped, he opened the cabin door and got out, and said respectfully to Charlie:

“Mr. Wade, our master ordered the helicopter to take you and your wife back to Providence,”

“And I will drive your car for you. Are you going to New York or Providence?”

Charlie thought about leaving the car to Claire, maybe she still needed something to move around,”

“So he said to Douglas’s housekeeper: “Help me bring my luggage to the helicopter first,”

“And then help me drive the car to the Hilton in Providence, just give the key to the front desk.”

“Okay!” The housekeeper nodded, and quickly and,

One of his subordinates took the luggage out of Charlie’s trunk and sent it to the helicopter.

Charlie immediately took Claire to the helicopter,

The helicopter restarted, and after taking off, it roared towards Providence.

More than half an hour later, the helicopter stopped directly on the helipad on the roof of the Hilton Hotel.

Charlie took Claire back to the presidential suite first,

And told her not to worry or run around alone.

Claire knew that at such a time, what she had to do was to try not to cause Charlie any trouble,

So she agreed without hesitation.

After Claire was settled, Charlie returned to the roof and rushed back to New York by helicopter.

When Charlie started to rush back to New York,

James White, the most authoritative chief criminal lawyer of the Cravath law firm,

And the most authoritative chief criminal lawyer in the United States,

Hurried to JFK International Airport with his two assistants.

This lawyer has always been the number one enemy of the police.

The reason is mainly that his business ability is too strong,

So strong that sometimes even if there is sufficient evidence to prove that the suspect is guilty,

He can dig out a piece from the details of the police handling of the case,

And let the police beat their chest and feet. Thus making all the police’s efforts in vain.

There are times when he lets convicted murderers swagger out of court.

Whenever this happened, the police would hate him to the core.

However, this is the power granted to the suspect by American law.

Once his lawyer seizes the loophole, even if the whole world knows that he is guilty,

It will not prevent him from being acquitted.

It is precisely because of this that James has almost become the best lawyer for the rich and wicked to clear their crimes.

And his legal fees have also risen, and his appearance fee should start at least one million dollars.

If it is a long-lasting big lawsuit, the proceeds may exceed ten million dollars.

Because James has repeatedly embarrassed the New York police,

The policemen gave him a nickname and privately called him Mad Dog White.

At this time, the police officers who arrested Elaine agreed that this woman must be an unlucky person to be used.

However, they are also very clear that according to the law,

As long as the real behind-the-scenes mastermind cannot be caught,

Even if she is really being used, it will be difficult to prove her innocent,

And the final result will definitely be sentenced.