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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4815 Free Novel

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For Charlie, it is not difficult to solve this matter, but it is by no means easy to solve it satisfactorily.

The crime that Elaine is now suspected of is a felony among felonies in any country and region in this world.

And, because of the sheer amount of contraband, she was carrying,

It is punishable by death in many countries.

If in this matter he can catch all the black actors behind the scenes,

Then Elaine can truly and legitimately be cleared of suspicion,

Otherwise, he can only use special means to get her out of prison.

But in that case, Elaine is equivalent to having an international criminal record on her back,

And it will be really troublesome in the future.

In order to solve such a group of criminals who specialize in harming innocents,

Some extraordinary means must be used. If Claire keeps following,

Not only will he be tied, but he will also devote extra energy to take care of her and protect her.

So for him, the best solution is to let Claire stay in Providence alone and solve Elaine’s problem in New York.

Moreover, Providence has always had female guards from Front on call at all times,

So he doesn’t have to worry about Claire’s personal safety at all.

Claire couldn’t help but feel a little scared when she heard Charlie’s words.

Not only was she afraid that her mother would be trapped in the prison and could not get out in the future,

But she was also afraid that if she followed Charlie, it would really affect his plan to rescue her mother.

After thinking about it, in order to ensure that her mother can escape safely,

Claire had no choice but to nod and choked: “That’s Okay… Then I’ll wait for your news in Providence…”

Saying that she looked at him and said pitifully,

“Husband, for my mother I have to ask you… I beg you to save her…”

Charlie nodded and said softly, “Wife, don’t worry, Mom will be fine with me.”

After speaking, he instructed again: “Wife, don’t tell anyone about this,”

“Not even Dad. If Dad asks, you can say that she went out with a tour group recently,”

“But I think Dad wouldn’t ask about her situation,”

“And he probably wouldn’t even think about it as he is busy doing exchanges in South Korea.”

Claire also knew the specific situation of her parent’s relationship,

So he sighed helplessly, and said, “Dad really can’t count on him.”

“He went there and not communicating this time, maybe there is that Aunt Han…”

“The two of them had a relationship earlier. The story, and then the eyebrows…”

Charlie hurriedly said: “Okay, now is not the time to discuss them.”

“The most urgent task now is to find a way to get Mom out of this matter.”

“Yes…” Claire nodded hurriedly and said, “Husband, hurry up and ask your friend for help,”

“Let the lawyer go over and take a look…”

“Okay.” Charlie nodded, took out his mobile phone, and called Douglas Fei.

The reason why he didn’t call Stella was that his wife is by his side,

And he always felt that more things were better than fewer things.

Douglas didn’t expect that Charlie would call him.

He was a little flattered and answered the phone, and asked,

“Mr. Wade, do you have anything to say to me?”

Charlie said politely, “Mr. Fei, I need your help as I have encountered something.”

Douglas hurriedly said: “Mr. Wade, please say it! As long as I can do it, I must do it!”

Charlie said briefly: “My mother-in-law was used by a group of people.”

“Without knowing it, she was found out of the customs at JFK Airport in New York with contraband,”

“And now she has been arrested by the police over there.”

“I need you to help me find the best criminal lawyer in New York and have him rush over within an hour to find out.”

Hearing this, Douglas was stunned.

He really couldn’t imagine who would provoke Charlie’s head without fear of death.