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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4813 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4813 Start

After that, the policewoman took out Elaine’s mobile phone, handed it to her, and said,

“Remember you can only call your family or your lawyer. Make your choice and plead guilty!”

Elaine cried and said, “Don’t you understand people’s words?!”

“I already told you, I was wronged, and I was harmed by others. Where can I get some accomplices?!”

The policewoman said indifferently: “Whether you were wronged or not,

And whether you were victimized or not, it’s not you who has the final say,”

“Nor is it me who has the final say. When the trial begins, everything will be subject to the judge’s verdict.”

Elaine glanced at the policewoman angrily, then immediately picked up the phone and called Claire.

Claire received the call, and the first sentence after the call was to ask Elaine:

“Mom, have you boarded the plane?”

As soon as Elaine heard her daughter’s voice, the grievances and fears in her heart erupted instantly,

And she cried out loudly: “Claire…my good daughter…”

“You must save your mother, or your mother will die in America…”

Claire suddenly became nervous and quickly asked, “Mom, what’s wrong with you?!”

Elaine cried and said, “It’s the friend that Sister Chen introduced to me.”

“She asked me to carry for her a piece of luggage to Hong Kong.”

“As a result, before I got on the plane, the police arrested me and said that,”

“A large amount of contraband was found, said to be more than 5,000 grams…”

“Now they have arrested me and crushed one of my ribs…”

“Now they want me to hurry up and notify the lawyer… What should I do…”

Saying that, she cried helplessly: “Claire, tell Charlie quickly,”

“And ask him to find a good and reliable lawyer for your mother,”

“And you can’t let her go to jail in the United States!”

“What?!” Claire felt dazed, and suddenly became distracted, looked at Charlie quickly, and said terribly,

“Husband… Mom she… She is caught by the police…”

“The police said that they found a lot of contraband in her luggage.”

“And she even broke a rib… What can I do…”

In fact, Charlie had already heard what Elaine said on the phone.

At this moment, he immediately recalled that before,

It seemed that something was wrong with Sister Chen’s family.

Now, it seems that her family is just an actor who cooperated with her performance.

The characters of successful people and enthusiastic overseas Chinese were nothing more than characters created to deceive compatriots.

And the fundamental reason why Sister Chen has always been very enthusiastic,

…about Elaine was that she wants to use her to transport contraband to Hong Kong.

Claire was already panicking at this time. She couldn’t help shedding tears and asked Charlie:

“Husband…what should I do now…The police said they would ask Mom to hire a lawyer, or they would assign one…”

Charlie nodded and said, “Tell mom not to talk nonsense inside.”

“I’ll ask my client in the United States for help and arrange for an experienced lawyer to go there.”

Claire hurriedly asked: “Husband, are your clients in New York specialized in this area?”

“Do they have the resources in this area?”

Charlie said seriously: “Don’t worry, she is still a bit powerful in New York.”

“It should be no problem to arrange a good lawyer.”

“It must be much stronger than the public lawyer arranged by the police.”

Claire hurriedly said: “Then you quickly call your client and ask her to help me…”

“Mom said that the police told her that if this matter can’t be cleared of suspicion,”

“I am afraid she will be sentenced to life imprisonment. “

Charlie said very calmly: “This kind of thing can’t be rushed, you just need to remember one thing,”

“It’s definitely impossible for Mom herself, knowing that it’s contraband and carrying it on purpose,”

“So as long as you can prove this, you can prove it she is innocent, so there is no criminal consequence for her.”