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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4811 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4811 Start

Although the policeman could not understand Chinese,

He could still understand the English mixed in Elaine’s Chinese and English.

He didn’t expect Elaine actually said that she is his mother,

And immediately became angry, and deliberately increased a bit of strength on his knees, pressing hard on Elaine.

Elaine only felt a sharp pain in her body, she could hardly breathe because of the pressure,

And then she heard a click, a sharper pain hit, and a rib was broken by the policeman!

At this moment, Elaine burst into a cold sweat in pain, crying and shouting:

“My rib is broken! My rib is broken! Help, I’m dying of pain…”

As she said that, she looked at the policewoman and blurted out:

“Hurry up and stop him, or I will be crushed to death by him!”

“Is this how you treat first-class passengers?!”

The policewoman said coldly, “This is the first time I have met a drug dealer like you.”

“Do you think that buying a first-class ticket means you have judicial immunity?!”

Elaine was stunned and asked her, “What… what drug dealer?!”

The policewoman sneered: “Still acting stupid here,”

“Our customs officers found more than 180 ounces of new synthetic contraband,”

“That is equivalent to more than 5,000 grams, in one of your checked suitcases, do you know?”

“These high-level contrabands are enough for you to go to jail in the United States and maybe death?!”

“What?!” Elaine was frightened for a moment, and blurted out:

“This… how is this possible? I am a law-abiding citizen!”

“How can there be contraband in my suitcase? I have never seen that Kind of thing!”

“I don’t even know what that kind of thing looks like!”

After she finished speaking, she suddenly thought of Phaedra, and her brain burst with a buzz.

This time, she finally woke up from her big dream and clearly realized what kind of trap she had fallen into.

So she broke down and blurted out: “I… I’m wronged! I was framed and used!”

“It was that b!tch named Phaedra who lied to me,”

“You must investigate to the end and return my innocence!”

Only at this moment did she realize what a shocking scam she had fallen into.

She knew that her luggage was packed by herself, she knows what is in it,

And she had not opened it during the whole process, so there was absolutely no contraband.

Since the police said that contraband was found in one of the two suitcases she checked in with,

It must be the suitcase that Phaedra asked her to help take back to Hong Kong!

Thinking of this, she suddenly realized that Phaedra is not a successful female entrepreneur at all,

Nor is she a distant relative of a beverage king,

She is a complete liar! She worked so hard to deceive her and help her take the contraband out of the country!

Moreover, the police have already said that more than 5,000 grams of contraband are found in the suitcase.

There is no doubt that if it was in China, it would be enough to sentence her to death.

She was extremely regretful and frightened, crying to the policewoman,

“Comrade American police… I was really deceived by a woman named Phaedra Zong,”

“Who asked me to take her suitcase to Hong Kong.”

“I have absolutely no idea what’s in this suitcase,”

“I’m innocent! You can definitely call the shots for me!”

The policewoman sneered and said, “How much did the other party promise you,”

“And how dare you help others to carry luggage across borders?”

Elaine hurriedly said: “I didn’t want a penny, it’s just for helping friends…”

When she said this, Elaine was actually very guilty.

She knew very well in her heart that the reason why she promised Phaedra,

To help with luggage was simply because Phaedra said that she would give her a Lexus LM300 when she comes back,

And she would also take her to spend a few days in Hong Kong.