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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4810 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4810 Start

The policewoman continued to ask, “I’ll check your personal information with you.”

“You are Elaine Ma from Aurous Hill, China.”

“This time you’re taking Cathay Pacific flight CX845 from New York to Hong Kong, right?”

“That’s right…” Elaine was even more puzzled and asked, “Is there any problem with my flight?”

The female police officer said coldly, “There is no problem with the flight,”

“But there is a problem with your luggage! Please come with us to assist in the investigation.”

Elaine hurriedly said: “What can be wrong with my luggage? In addition to personal clothes,”

“There are some local specialties of New York, and I didn’t put anything like lithium batteries in it…”

The policewoman snorted coldly: “Don’t make useless quibbles.”

“There are other passengers here. In order not to affect the flight of others,”

“Please take the initiative to come with me.”

As she spoke, she took out the handcuffs from her waist and warned:

“Listen carefully to what I say, you have the right to remain silent,”

“Otherwise everything you say may be used as evidence against you,”

“And you have the right to ask a lawyer for assistance.”

“Show up at your trial, and if you can’t afford it, we’ll assign one to you, do you understand these rights?”

Elaine immediately panicked and blurted out, shouting: “What are you doing!”

“I am a distinguished first-class passenger!”

“Who gave you the courage to come here to arrest me? Besides, what law did I break?!”

The policewoman said coldly: “Elaine, as a Chinese, I kindly warn you that this is the United States!”

“Don’t try any form of resistance here, or you will definitely suffer!”

Elaine said angrily: “Don’t fcuk me with this, the old lady sits upright and walks right!”

“Wherever I go, I am not afraid of the police, let alone the United States,”

“What if it is the United Nations?! Don’t bluff me here!”

The policewoman obviously lost her patience. She took out her handcuffs and said sharply:

Elaine! I now ask you to turn around and put your hands behind your back.”

“You must not resist or run away, otherwise my colleagues may use the equipment on you,”

“Including but not limited to Taser guns, you’d better cooperate!”

Seeing that many people were watching, Elaine suddenly felt that her face as a first-class distinguished guest was instantly lost.

In anger she went crazy all of a sudden, causing her to pinch from her waist up and yelled:

“I tell you, don’t do this useless thing with me! I spent so much money on the first-class ticket,”

“Not for the birds of your gang to annoy me!”

“I am about to board the plane and return to China, so stay away from the sensible ones, and don’t delay my itinerary!”

Seeing Elaine’s stubbornness, the policewoman shook her head helplessly,

And said to the two male policemen beside her, “Take her away!”

The two policemen listened to Elaine’s call for a long time.

Although they didn’t know what she was talking about,

They could see that her attitude was very arrogant, and they had been secretly preparing to start.

Now that the policewoman said this, she knew that she had given up communication,

So the two rushed forward immediately, one of them grabbed Elaine,

And one hugged and threw her on the wool carpet in the first-class lounge.

Elaine dropped like a dog and gnawed sh!t.

Another policeman rushed forward, grabbed her hair with one hand, and pulled it back with force.

Elaine screamed in pain, but she didn’t care at all and fell to the ground.

Another colleague of his immediately put Elaine’s hands behind her back with force,

And then handcuffed her tightly.

Elaine screamed in pain, shouting hoarsely:

“Killing me! The police are killing me! Come on, help!”

The policeman who held down Elaine with one knee blurted out angrily,

“Hey! You shut the fcuk up!”

Elaine is someone who has gone to college anyway.

She could hear that the policeman was scolding her and asked her to shut herself up, and she was immediately angry!

She gritted her teeth and scolded: “You let me shut up, I gritted my teeth and I can bear you,”

“But you still fcuking with me here?! Who are you against!”

“Listen to your mother! I’m your mother! How dare you! Clean your mouth and talk to me!”