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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4807 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4807 Start

The security screening process for checked baggage at the airport is not,

The same as the security screening process for carry-on baggage.

The carry-on luggage is carried by the guest through the security check,

While the checked luggage is sent to a special place for security check,

Through the conveyor belt after the check-in and check-in procedures are completed.

At this time, Elaine had no idea what was going to happen next.

After she checked both suitcases, she took her boarding pass and swaggered to the security checkpoint.

And the woman who was watching her nearby, after seeing her check-in,

And her suitcase being sent away by the conveyor belt,

Was relieved and immediately stood up and walked out of the airport.

Elaine carried her Hermes, leisurely came to the VIP security check channel,

And immediately enjoyed the warm service of the staff after showing the first-class boarding pass.

While others were still queuing up for the security check,

She quickly completed the security check, and then found a nearby first-class lounge to rest.

At the same time, the two suitcases she checked in were queuing up to pass through the security check machines at the airport one by one.

During this process, if no abnormality is found,

The flight to which the passenger is taken will be released directly.

Once any abnormality is found in the luggage,

The border inspection personnel of the customs will immediately open the luggage for inspection.

Generally speaking, the contraband that is carefully hidden is basically well concealed.

In addition, the risk while leaving the country is far less than that of entering the country,

So this link will be relatively relaxed, and criminals at least have a 50% chance of winning,

And they can successfully pass the exit security check.

However, the entry security check after landing will be much stricter,

Because many countries and regions have strict entry standards,

And some countries do not even allow any fresh fruit,

Even if the fruit brought by the passengers on the plane is not finished when they land,

If there is one apple left, if it is found by the border inspection, it will also be punished heavily.

Therefore, the biggest test is actually in the entry link.

In this link, the odds of winning will plummet to only about 30%.

Combined with the 50% in the first stage, the overall pass rate is actually around 15%.

It is precisely because the success rate is very low that the price of this new type of contraband, in East Asia is surprisingly high.

The price per gram is as high as more than 2,000 US dollars. It is an exclusive product for the super-rich.

As long as Elaine can successfully land in Hong Kong this time and pass the border inspection,

The contraband she is carrying will be worth more than ten million US dollars.

At this time, she was sitting in the luxurious first-class lounge,

Drinking coffee while taking pictures and posting in the circle of friends.

Her accompanying text was: “I’m about to leave for my home country,”

“And I’m still a little reluctant to leave as my friend’s private jet is being maintained by Gulfstream and now I have to travel First Class.”

After editing the circle of friends, she did not forget to specifically block her own family of three.

After posting on the Moments, she leisurely sent a video call to Claire.

At this time, Charlie and Claire had already driven out of New York and started to return to Providence.

Claire, who was sitting as the co-pilot, connected the call and asked: “Mom, have you boarded the plane?”

“Not yet,” Elaine said with a smile:

“I’ll have to wait for a while to board the plane, I’m in the first-class lounge!”

Claire reminded: “Then you must pay attention to the time.”

“Don’t affect the boarding. The boarding will start half an hour before the departure time.”

“Go early to save yourself from rushing on your way later.”